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A Lesson In Boxing

Summary:Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey black mails him in to going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i dont own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: Meeting the Nightwatcher
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, some violence, gayness, spelling errors and un-betaed work

Meeting The Nightwatcher

"Come on Donnie! Its not like i'm asking you to give up coffee or anything! Just a simple boxing match." came the whine voice of his roommate; currently crouched in front of him clutching at his pant leg like a child.

"I don't think two men trying to render each other unconscious is simple Mikey." Turning to a new page of his book resisting to beat himself in the head with it. He was a very patient turtle, he needed said patience when dealing with his IT customers and luckily it was his nature. But there was only so much nagging and begging he could take, it didn't help that Michelangelo's begging had been going on for 1 hour and 13 minutes, yes, he was counting.

For all that time, Mikey, his roommate; had been trying to get him to come along to watch a boxing match that he got tickets for, it boggled his mind why someone would pay to watch two sweaty men beat each other senseless to win a match while hundreds of people yell and scream at their favored boxer was beyond him.

"Pllleaasee? I already got the tickets and I totally got V.I.P. passes to go backstage, there's no way I'm going alone! I already payed for the extra ticket!" he pleaded again flopping over Dons legs to get his attention.

Sighing loudly the olive turtle pinched the area between his eyes, book forgotten after letting his hand slip to the couch cushions. "Why do you need me to go? What about Leather Head? or maybe even April would like to go with you." Surely there was someone else who would go the the pointless sport and at least enjoy it.

"Nu-uh, LH is too big since its front row seats, and Aprils out with Casey anyway, plus I want you to go! You haven't left the apartment in like a week dude!" craning his head to give his best friend the big blue eyes.

"Mike it's just not my kind of event." he tried to reason "I would just prefer to stay here, I have to work later today anyway." praying that got through that thick skull of his.

Unfortunately his prayers went unanswered.

"Oh come on Donnie!" playing the drums on the smarter turtles clothed legs. "You need to get out more bro, otherwise you will die here and worst of all you will die a virgin, never knowing the amazing pleasures of sex! Plus I know you have enough days saved you could take off a whole month from work!" grinning widely and he gestures just as wildly.

Donatello on the other hand felt his cheeks flush slightly at the indo "My personal life has nothing to do with you, I don't see how that has anything to do with this conversation. PLus being a virgin is a bad thing." huffing a feeling a bit embarrassed and a little pathetic, he was 21 and had yet to actually be in a lasting relationship let alone become physical, of course he had kissed a few people but that didn't really count.

"Duh but come one bro, it’s a total plus. But It has everything to do with it! If you get out there you could find your knight in shining armor, I'm just being an amazing friend and taking you to your perfect dude by taking you to a boxing match!" grinning again and raised to his knees to look at his roomie over his book, and clapping his hands together "Please? The Nightwatchers fighting tonight and you know how much I love him! We will even get to go back and get his autograph!!" squealing in his excitement.

"Playing matchmaker where it’s more than likely many people will be drunk and become reckless, mind you all of them screaming about something as pointless as boxing?" raising a brow ridge at how utterly strange that sounded even as he said it.

"Hey I just don't want you to die lonely dude,"

A long breath came out his nose "I don't think so, you can take someone else, I don't need you trying to pair me with anyone thank you." flatly replying, covering the pleading face with his book and went back to reading.

The smaller turtle pouted physically deflating, god dang it, why could Mikey always get him to feel guilty? He was just so expressive it was almost impossible to not feel bad even when something wasn't our fault.

But the pout was quickly wiped away a award mischievous grin replaced it, he suddenly felt scared, that was his ‘I know something you don't face.’ It never came with something pleasant.

"Fine, you stay here and work, i’ll just put that video from the the Christmas party on YouTube." MIkey almost made it sound like he didn't care, but the smirk the curled around the corners of his mouth said otherwise.

Don could literally feel his body freeze as his head snapped up to look at the younger turtle, book forgotten as it jerked from obstructing his view. "You said you deleted that!" almost screeching, the olive turtle might be the level headed one but there was one thing he wasn't proud of and it happened 3 years ago at Aprils Christmas party. He went crazy trying to find all the cameras and phones to delete the evidence the next day and he swore he was more than sure he deleted it from Mikey especially.

The smirk widened and he stood in a mock superhero pose only looking at his nails as if uncaring "This is the great Michelangelo you talking to dude, there was no way I was letting you delete my copy of that gold."

"You're bluffing" nearly glaring at his best friend, starting to wonder why in the world he was his best friends in the first place.

"Am I?~ You know that blank DVD inside my superman movie box?" the grin turned devilish, eyes twinkling with mischief of his threat. If he was being truthful than he still did have evidence of that night, and if it did leak off into the cyber world, he would die of embarrassment. If Mikey thought he never left the apartment now, just wait. He would never be able to show his face again.

He felt himself nodding nervously.

"Well guess what that is~" backing toward his room in case of a sudden desperate attempt by Don to get to his room to destroy the disk.

Auburn eyes narrowed "You wouldn't dare." warning with more calmness than he felt.

The smaller turtle tilted his head, taunting him "Try me bro."

It had to be a bluff, Mikey was known to full out lie about something and he did a damn good job at it.

He calmly went back to his book pretending to read its pages "Fine, go upload it, I don't care." he made sure to destroy every piece of evidence from that night, and felt confident Mike was just being hard to get him to go to the match.

A shrug came from Mikey, the grin didn't falter though. But Mike ventured into his room, the silence that followed made him relax. Smiling to himself he had been right, it was just a bluff.

Turning another page he heard a loud almost static sound followed by cheering voices, if he had a mirror he would be able to see the color drain from his face like in cartoon.

He was on his feet in second sprinting toward the noise, yelling the name of the pain in his rear with malice



So here they were several hours later on there way to the match, of course not without consequences,

"I can’t believe you still had that video! You told me you deleted it." Don said Gripping the steering wheel tightly, avoiding eye contact with him in anyway. Instead  he focused on driving more than his passenger.

"I couldn't throw that gold away! At least not without blackmailing you first, I promised when we get back you can break the CD yourself remember? Who uses CD’s anymore anyway?" buttering up his voice.

"How do I even know for sure that's your last copy?" stopping at a red light, keeping his eyes in front, if he looked at Mikey he wouldn't be mad anymore. Curse his inability to forgive and forget.

"Because even I know that was embarrassing dude, there was no way I would really put that online knowing how much it bugged ya dude." pouting turning in his seat to face the upset driver.

"And you love me so that means you believe me this time! I prommisseee it’s the last one" clasping his hands together again with the puppy eyes.

Noooo not the puppy eyes.

"I'm starting to doubt that," he snorted, but unconsciously peeked at the sincere face, his anger residing.

Shame he really could never stay upset for very long.

"I just wanted you to come with me! When's the last time we got to hang out outside our house?" tone taking a sincere thrum.

Donatello remained quiet while he thought, minutes passed without a word, he really couldn't remember. He and Mikey were together so much he didn't think there was a reason to actually go out and do something. They were brothers basically, not by blood but have known each other long enough to be considered brothers, in fact many people always assume they were brothers.

"See? told ya it’s been forever bro, I miss hanging out with you! Your always at the computer, on the clock or hauled up in your room." The dramatic pose that came with MIkeys words made him smile. Giving a small glance in the passengers direction.

"I guess you're right, but next time were doing what I want to do and you have no say, it will happen when, and where I please, so you better not plan anything important for awhile." feeling his own lips curl into a small smirk at the possibility he could get his best friend back for this, oh yeah, he was going to have a blast.

A nervous laugh came from his right "Yeah I guess that's fair, deal" a goofy grin split his face and the two friends fist pumped. Mikey shifted in his seat excitedly, more than happy Donnie wasn't upset with him anymore, it would just make the whole experience much more enjoyable

"I can't believe were gonna see Nightwatcher fight live! Oh i cant wait to see what hes like out of the ring either!!" squealing like a girl when one of her boy bands comes on the radio.

"What's so great about- Nightwatcher was it? All I can think of is that he is the best at beating people to a bloody pulp." chuckling softly as he made a left into the stadiums parking garage.

"There's more to it than that smarty pants, I would think you would know that!" playfully punching the driver in the arm "There's all kinds of rules and stuff"

"Lovely, there is a number of times you can punch a poor soul before you’re fouled" laughing when Mikey punched him again.

"Don't ruin this for me with all your logic talk!"

"OK OK sorry."

"Yeah you better be, I payed like a fortune to get these tickets so- Parking spot! Hit it!" pointing to a vacant spot, and with calculated trajectory pulled in with perfect skill. Beating another car from pulling in seconds later.

"Whoo! Without your driving skills we woulda had to park like way too far away for this to be worth it." cheering in delight when he bounded out of the car.

Rolling warm brown eyes, Donnie shut off the engine and climbed out to meet Mikey who looked like he had eaten a whole bag of sugar.

"I know you're excited but try not to go crazy." genuinely laughing once more at the jumping turtle, letting him put a lanyard around his neck, with what he guess was his pass and tickets around his neck.

"I can’t help it! I'm so excited! I mean Nightwatchers fuckin' hot and I get to meet him in person how can I calm down now that we're here!?" dragging the olive turtle along.

It was no secret his roommate had a thing for the boxer, he had no idea why he fawned over him so much, he personally had never seen the guy before. Yeah MIkey have posters in his bedroom but he refused to go in there after the moldy pizza incident. But with all of the shorter males descriptions could paint a picture of some huge wrestler looking type of man. No, wait he recalled MIkey saying the boxer was another turtle.

"He can sign my shirt and maybe he will sign my shell!" giggling slightly, shaking his head at his friends antics remembering the clothing Mikey chose to wear, a black t-shirt with the logo 'TMNT Smackdown' printed on the front, skinny jeans and a pair of bright orange chucks. What he was wearing apparently wasn't exactly appropriate, wearing a purple button up shirt with a dark vest fitted over it, black slacks, and lastly his favorite pair of sneakers, it didn't really match the rest of his look but you try finding shoes that fit a two toed foot.

But Mikey said there was no way he would be seen with him wearing that, so forced him to leave the vest at home. He tried to get him into a t-shirt but that was out of the question, he just preferred nicer looking clothing; that's all.

"To each his own I suppose" being tugged down slightly when the younger turtle wrapped an arm around his shoulders in a friendly gesture, it took some time to get used to Michelangelo's touchy personality, he on the other hand wasn't usually comfortable with people in his personal bubble let alone touching him.

"Cheer up and have fun you party pooper! By the end of tonight I bet you will enjoy yourself best pal o' mine! Just you wait and see!"


So far the seafoam turtles claim wasn't falling apart for once, despite the man who stared at him from the snack line where his friend ordered a bunch of unnecessary snacks, it wasn't all bad yet.

Well except all the people, the area had been much smaller than he first thought so people and creatures a like would brush against or bump into him on accident and it did nothing for his mental state. He never knew he could feel claustrophobic before.

True to his word their seats were front row, the security just to get to them was almost ridiculous. Three times they had to get there tickets checked as if they didn't believe it was possible for two turtles to be in front in the first place. There was a fantastic example of the mutant racism, but at least for the most part it wasn’t too awful.

The smaller of the two went on when they finally got to their seats about the rules of boxing the basics mostly, you cannot hit below the belt, or how you cannot hit with the elbow shoulder or forearm.  He was more than sure there were many more but Mike didn't seem to remember them.

Speaking of Mikey he was munching on some popcorn when he turned slightly in his seat to speak, the noise level in here was outrageous he couldn't even hear himself think clearly.

"Anything else I should know? Oh great and powerful boxing expert?" feeling himself smile even with the sarcasm he poured into his words.

"Glad you asked young Jedi, just that Nightwatchers hot, so watch out dude." he grinned widely and cheered with the crowd when the lights dimmed and flashed, the announcers voice blaring over the speakers. Donatello covering his ears in surprise.


Flinching at the loud booming voice filling the stadium, he was definitely going to need some migraine medication after this.


At his side Mikey cheered along nudging his shoulder slightly with a grin, leaning in close to yell in his ear in order to hear him "Come on! Loosen up! Cheer! Get excited!" sighing halfheartedly smiled anyway and went along deciding to go with the flow, and cheer along even if it wasn't with as much vigor as his best friend.


The crowd was eating it up, a woman even screamed causing a reaction of many others, human and animal  alike. Despite everything, he was actually getting pumped for what was to come, whoever the man was in the center ring must have had a lot of practice.


The referee gestured to the left side of the stadium were air cannons went off as two very large and very intimidating mutants appeared, a warthog and rhino. Donatello had never seen their exact species before, what a strange combination. The striking purple mohawk and glasses the warthog wore captured his attention first, then to his partner, the slightly larger rhino who looked as if he just came from the jungle with his clothing along with an army helmet.

"Who's who?"

"Bebop’s the pig dude and Rocksteady's the rhino guy."

The boxers climbed into the ring and walked around following the rope pointing to the crowd for cheers and it wasn't a very loud cheer compared to the ones for the announcer. They must not be the fan favorite, especially when Mikey was 'booing'.


If he thought earlier was loud, this was an uproar.

Everyone screamed and cheered for the returning champion, Mikey shooting up from his seat to applaud and whistle. So he humored him and stood to, clapping and shouting when he felt necessary, almost unable to hear himself anyway. The air cannons went off again and what appeared trotting down the aisle was not at all what he was expecting.

It was another turtle just like MIkey said, dark emerald green skin wrapped bulging muscles of broad shoulders and arms, dressed in nothing except a pair of silk boxing shorts. As the other turtle trotted close, he was able to make out the flame pattern lining the bottom. A red bandanna wrapped around his head, framing his eyes. The color complimenting his much darker skin tone very nicely if he had any say. Bandages wrapped securely around his hands and forearms, leaving his fingers exposed, Along with the wrappings on his feet halting at his calf, also leaving his toes exposed.

"Whoa.." he hadn't even realized he had breathed that out loud, Mikey though seemed to hear him even over the cheering of the crowd. The freckled turtle smirked nudging him again, and that's when he realized this Nightwatcher was coming their way, from their seats they were closer to the Nightwatcher's corner than the duo's, so that meant he would have to pass them in order to climb into the ring.

Mikey shouted when the larger turtle approached, "Come on Nightwatcher! Beat their asses!" clapping enthusiastically as he passed, that's when Don finally got to see his eyes, there was no way anyone could have those colored eyes. Bright golden orbs flickered to his best friend when he heard the words, and he could have swore he saw the corner of his mouth tilt upward in a small smirk.

It literally took his breath away.

Before he knew it, the darker turtle was already in the ring and the match was about to begin, Mikey tugged him down when he apparently was still standing. He leaned over to whisper eagerly into his ear.

"Dude I told you he was hot! No scratch that he’s sexy~! Did you see that though?! I think he smiled at me gah! Bro I think I'm gonna faint." Michelangelo smirked "Looks like someone likes the big guy to!" teasing and laughing when he pulled away, Donnie huffed "I do not, I've just never seen another turtle before thank you, I can be a little stunned." he wouldn't deny that the other was attractive, but he didn't have a fanboy crush like Mikey did.

"If you say so bro! And you totally know he’s not the first turtle you have seen." the announcers voice cutting his friends voice off, Rocksteady looking to be the one fighting tonight, the fighters met at the center of the ring, gloves at their sides. The size difference was there but not by too much, the taller on being Rocksteady but he felt this nightwatcher was far fiercer.


The boxers knocked gloves in what looked liked too hard to be a friendly gesture, there was tension between the two, Don could feel it fill the stadium like flooding water.

"This is gonna be great, those three are like mortal enemies." he heard the other turtle say munching on his popcorn again, curious as to why the fighters would hate each other unless it was the normal, 'I'm the biggest and baddest, and your in my way' kinda thing.

Nightwatcher stood in his corner, focused on his opponent, instead of the hundreds of fans chanting for a KO, and cheering for the defeat of Rocksteady. What surprised him was the position he took, gloves together close to his beak and head bowed slightly even as he kept his eyes on the rhino, and remained that way until the bell chimed echoing throughout the arena and the shouts of encouragement mingled in the air. He had never seen any fighters do that before.

Both boxers met in the center once more, bouncing on the balls of their feet prepared for the onslaught of his opponent. A massive swing from Rocksteady was dodged easily by the turtle placing several punches to the now exposed side before the other was even able to get his arm back around, fans cheered for their respective boxers while others weren't so happy.

He even found himself cheering without even realizing it.

"Say your prayers turtle!" The loud booming roar of the bigger fighter bellowed and went on to punch the defense made by his opposite, one after another, forcing the Nightwatcher back to the rope, but with one swift shot to the gut the giant coughed and crouched to the ground the air having left his lungs as he wheezed even as he growled spitting curses.

The turtle trotted to the center of the ring, almost looking uncaring that he won the first round and his opponent was struggling to get up as he wheezed. The slight scowl on his features proved that theory correct, but the tiny smirk that twitched his lips upward said otherwise.


The referee called the round to the Nightwatcher, the fans roared ecstatically at the victory. For being only the first round it was a show, the tension and eagerness that engulfed him when the two through punches at one another was amazing, it had him and Mikey clamber to the edge of their seat in anticipation.

Maybe Mikey was right, he hated to say it, but he was enjoying himself. Even if it was for the outcome of two men beating each other senseless.


What a nail biting match.

Well not really, at first it seemed that Rocksteady would have the upper hand due to his size, but he, for once, had been wrong. Nightwatcher was not only strong and followed through with his punches, but was actually rather quick on his feet. It made it easy to get out of the way of on coming punches and swing with his own two before the bigger mutant knew what happened.

That didn't mean the rhino didn't get his fair share of hits in, though much fewer than the larger turtles due to his incredible accuracy and speed. A nice left hook into the red wearing fighters jaw set him down and Rocksteady to be the winner of round 6. It really looked like it hurt, and left a slight urge to check to be sure Nightwatcher was ok to continue himself, due to his small time at being a nurse.

Mikey, after 'freaking the fuck out' as he put it, seeing his hero go down so hard. Spilled his popcorn and candy (what was left of it anyway) when he shot up with many others at the punch anxious to see him recover from the blow. When he did, went as far as to yell playfully 'Is there a doctor in the house!?' in his direction, knowing his prior profession as a medic. The very pissed of turtle was back on his feet, looking ready to bulldoze whatever or whoever got in his way.

To say the least, it was a very thrilling thing to watch.

Nightwatcher, not so surprisingly came out on top, winning the match as the duo shamefully made their way back stage even as both vowed revenge and spittled curses when the fans through random things in their direction.

He did feel a little sting of compassion for the staff member had to clean up his best friends mess.

But Donatello couldn't be courteous and save a surely pissed off maintence man by cleaning up the disaster when Mikey grabbed his hand excitedly to drag him along again while they were escorted backstage where the winner had made his appearance at the beginning of the fight.

The utter amount of glee that he could feel radiating off the turtle at his side was incredible.

"You have an hour to talk, or get whatever the hell you want signed by the boxers, for the other guys you gotta go across to the other side." The thick security guard grunted "Red's back there, don't get lost." thumb jerking in the direction of the open room at the end of the hallway, and pushed past them to go back to the front and stand guard.

Well that was just plain rude "Sheesh someone’s on their man period." Mikey whispered to him and he couldn't help but snort a little, "Or having a bad hair day." he grinned when Mikey laughed along with him.

Squealing in delight the smaller turtle jumped up and down slightly when they met the opening at the end of the hallway. It wasn't much, a couch seated in front of a small TV, a small section that looked that it served as a training area complete with a punching bag, lockers near the back, extra boxing gloves and a few other pieces of gear, and lastly a fold out table in the corner with what looked like small snacks scattered across it, along with the Nightwatcher leaning against it as he unwrapped the bandages from his arms.

Another squeal escaped Michelangelo when ran up to the larger turtle "I can't believe it's you!! I'm like your biggest fan ever dude, I've seen every one of your matches and dude you kick serious tail! Like the time you sucker punched that Hun guy followed by a serious right hook and you KO'ed the guy! That was fuckin' epic!" demonstrating the moves he described as he fanboyed, a sparkle in his shining blue eyes as he grinned at his hero.

The emerald skinned terrapin snorted in amusement, dropping the wrappings from his arms and legs to the floor, "Christ kid calm down for ya explode 'er somethin' " a deep, thick Brooklyn accent poured from his lips, pushing away from the table to stand to his full height but didn't get a chance to continue before the smaller turtle babbled on "Oh my god you have an accent!" Mikey gushed, if this were some kind of anime he swore there would have been hearts in his eyes. Donnie decided to hang near the entrance a several feet away so Mikey could have his moment, though he debated swooping in and saving the poor boxer from Mikeys fawning.

He had never heard the famous boxer speak before in the ring, he was almost always silent besides slurred curses so finding out this already sexy turtle had an accent was like adding cherries and chocolate sprinkles to a ice cream sundae.

And Mikey sure loved his ice cream.

Shaking his head making his tethered bandanna tails sway slightly, made a face "Yeeaahh..." he muttered awkwardly at the fawning teenager, it was just his voice not a big deal.

" 'urry it up kid I ain't got all day, what do ya want me ta sign? s'get this over wit." snapping slightly when the silence hung in the air as the smaller turtle did nothing but stare at him with a sparkle in his eye.

Mikey snapped out of his love-struck daze and bounced in place, totally unfazed by the rude tone. A slightly coy looked crossed his face.

"I ain't signin' any parta yer body." the red clad turtle grunted with a slight look of disgust, why did everyone first intend for him so sign something on their body? It was fucking weird, not only would it wash off but it was even creepier where they wanted it most of the time. He put an end to that before any of that weird shit began, unfortunately it didn't stop them from asking.

"Awww~" deflating a little with a fake whine "And here I thought you would do it just for me~" flirting shamelessly, wiggling the marker in between his fingers flirtatiously. Making Donatello face palm from his spot at the door feeling his own face heat in embarrassment for his friends obvious suggestive behavior.

The larger turtle rolled his eyes, snatching the marker from the others fingers, deciding to ignore the rather suggestive flirting. He had heard it all before, and he wasn't interested. They were all in it just to get into his pants because he was a popular boxer. Not saying his good looks didn't have anything to do with it. He would rather steer away from gold digging bitches.

"Aw you're no fun dude." a playful pout marring his face, but smiled "My shirt then? front and back? To your biggest fan ever, Michelangelo?" he pleaded with a clasp of his hands like a beggar.

Without replying, bent down to get a better look near the top of his t-shirt, uncapping the marker and quickly scribbled his boxing stage name with the words Mikey asked for with a metallic marker. Twirling the marker for the kid to turn around, even while Mike inspected the front signature.

"Dude even your signature is cool." gushing again when the larger male finished signing in his metallic silver sharpie.

"Ya gonna get yer ass in 'ere or ya gonna stand in the doorway the whole time?" Not even glancing in the direction of the purple clad turtle, Mikey grinned cheekily, "Donnie! what the heck dude why are you still over there?!" said turtle gave a small frown at the boxers slightly rude words.

"I figured you would want your moment with your 'hero' as you called him." Donnie shook his head slightly at the memory but only half heartedly at his bros silliness.

"What'cha want signed purple shirt? Like I said I ain't got all day." pointing the marker in his direction.

Was everyone obnoxious here? It was starting to look like it "I surely don't want to be rude but I have a name, I don't believe purple shirt is very nice to address someone." he spoke calmly with no real bite in his words.

"Nothing, I'm here for Mikey's sake." leaving out the part about blackmail, smiling when the youngest was still looking at the scribbled signature in wonder. But his words got him a raised emerald eyebrow ridge.

"Yeah, Donnie's not so into this stuff, says its pointless and stupid cause all you do is try and beat each other unconscious." Mikey started snorting at his friends words from earlier.

"Mikey." he whispered curtly, suddenly feeling nervous now that a larger, and stronger boxer in question was standing right in front of them. His earlier words dried up on his tongue and he suddenly wished he just kept his mouth shut, knowing Mikey's blabber mouth.

"Oh really?" the larger turtle drawled, crossing his arms as his golden eyes narrowed at Donatello.

Shifting from foot to foot wanting to avoid his gaze, Don almost wished he put on a tie to twiddle in his fingers out of a nervous habit.

"Yep, Which is kinda funny since he just sits at his computer all day, s'not like he knows what it takes right? And he's the smart one!" laughing with an award winning grin.

"Mikey!" hissing and nudging his friend to get the hint through his thick skull, Donnies cheeks heated up again, was he trying to give him a death sentence? He could feel those golden orbs on him, burning his skin in what he wasn't sure, but knew it couldn't be good.

"What? You know it’s true, you said 'oh it’s not even a sport all you need is to do is be the biggest and the strongest' like a few hours ago bro! Which is weird because even though you said you didn't want to come when you saw him come out you looked all dumb struck, and you were cheering with me so I think you secretly-" an olive green hand slapped over the chattering mouth.

"MIKEY! shut up!" whispering embarrassed and wanting to shut him up before he could put false information out there, especially in front of the Nightwatcher. Afraid to glance at the boxer in question, smiling a little, he nervously rubbed the back of his head with his free hand.

"Don’t mind him he’s always making things up." laughing nervously, keeping his hand firmly planted over said blabber mouth,

"Uh-huh" Nightwatcher drawled again, keeping his heated glare directed at the brainy turtle, taking a step forward but was interrupted by Don when he shrieked unexpectedly when he felt a wet warm saliva covered tongue slobber all over his hand, jerking away to stare at his hand in disgust "Oh that is disgusting and uncalled for!" wiping the slobber on Mikeys shirt who grinned and laughed evilly.

"Keep all hands and feet away from my mouth dude, first rule in the best bro code." but gave a slightly flirty look at the bigger turtle "But that doesn't mean other things-" "Mikey seriously, you need to stop before you get punched in the face, I'm not in the mood to revive you." dropping his salivated hand to his side.

Donatello finally got the courage to Lift his head back to the reason they were here in the first place, but froze that the Nightwatcher had still yet to stop glaring at him. Swallowing thickly, the brainy turtle resisted the urge to turn and run before the emerald turtle could move to strangle him that was sure to come.

"I told you to stop scaring anyone who comes back here." a new voice came from the hallway Donatello had earlier been occupying.

Both friends turned to meet a nicely dressed terrapin to their surprise, dressed in a light blue button up with a navy blue tie, with a matching pair of dark slacks and black dress shoes. Guessing on his appearance he could guess he may have been wearing a matching jacket at some point.

"Shut the fuck up Leo, who said I was scarin' anyone?" snapped the boxer

"You have that look on your face," halting near the small group with a polite smile

"Dont mind him, he's always like this, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leonardo, I guess you can say I'm his manager, but he’s also my little brother." reaching a hand out to shake that Donnie unconsciously met; and thank god they had been interrupted and the fact that this new turtle was much politer than a certain someone.

"It’s nice to meet you Leonardo, I'm Donatello and this is Michelangelo, but you can call us Don and Mikey for short." responding just as politely with a smile gesturing the awe struck sea foam green being beside him.

"Don't call him Don, it makes him sound like an old fart, call him Donnie." Mikey stated and nudges his friend when he swatted at him playfully.

Leo nodded as he chuckled "Alright and you both can call me Leo, Leonardo's a mouth full." reaching to take Mikey hand to shake as well, Now this was a nice change, a charming polite person always made Donnie regain his faith in humanity.

"You must be Michelangelo, nice to meet you" shaking his hand firmly.

"So you work behind the scenes?" Mikey asked feeling his excitement bubble at meeting the new turtle, he really was handsome, but damn he was torn of who to fawn over now, the incredibly sexy boxer or his incredible sexy older brother.

Well he always liked older men......

"Why yes, I plan the matches and other things, You can't expect my brother to do it all on his own can you?" a small smirk tilted his lips at the underlying insult directed at his younger brother.

Mikey began babbling and asking question which boggled Donnies mind, since when did he care about all the planning? Unless- OH, he shook his head at the sudden change in target.

"You know, you look like you are a big boxing fan, why don't I show you around? I can introduce you to the other boxers if you would like." Was Leo flirting? With Mikey? Whoa, he never thought he would see the day.

"Really? You mean it?! Dude that would be awesome!" voice climbing in pitch at the sheer thought of such a thing "But I don't have that kinda pass, I'm only supposed to stay in the boxers lounges..." worrying about getting thrown out and told he couldn't come back in, if he couldn't watch another match live he would seriously curl up and die.

Leo smiled almost cunningly "Well I don't think anyone will mind as long as you're with me." the younger giving a playful grin "I'll stick close then~" he laughed feeling his cheeks pinking at the charming male. When Leo guided him back in the direction of the hallway Donatello finally realized if those two left, he would be left alone with Nightwatcher.

Who Mikey previously revealed how he felt about boxing, and looked like he wanted to strangle him.

"Uh Mikey?" he called nervously, feeling slight panic at being left alone with the bigger turtle.

"We'll be back bro!" Mikey called back and the two disappeared around the corner going where he could only assume were other boxers were resigning.

He awkwardly peeked back, noticing how Nightwatcher had said nothing after Leo entered, and felt the panic shoot through his spine. He had yet to move from his position, mighty arms crossed, shoulders squared and head tipped up slightly even as golden eyes narrowed intently on him. But his face changed when a smirk curled the corners of his lips.


Oh fuck.

"Ya think it’s jus' a buncha mindless brutes beatin' the shit outta each other aye?" his smirk curling mischievously as he stepped forward.

"Oh, uh about that-"

"And ch'ya think I'm one of those mindless fuckers that go out there and beat the shit outta people."

"W-well n-!"

"And what'cha says goes, cause yer apparently a fuckin' genius and are too good to figure out what really goes on." his expression darkened as he stalked closer to the terrified turtle.

"No I-!"

"Shut the fuck up." Donnie's jaws snapped shut immediately, his shell meeting the wall near the exit, but was caught in place as the boxer got closer at a fearful pace.

"So Donnie-boy." he purred his name out dangerously making Donatello shiver in fear and something else deep down, a emerald hand slapping the area next to his head, trapping him.

"What'cha gonna say about dat?"

Not believing this was happening, Don secretly pinched himself to wake himself from this dream. Cornered by a stronger and taller turtle and a boxer no less who intended to beat him senseless for his opinion. Wait, that was highly unethical to threaten him simply for his opinion.

"I ain't got all day Donnie-boy."

Steeling himself with a calming breath turned hardened eyes to his attacker. Hopefully looking more confident than he felt

"I-I think that is was simply my opinion and despite how bluntly Michelangelo put it, will stick to it." scrunching his eyes shut prepared for the blow.

But it never came.

Peeking an eye open he found the dark sinister look was gone, and a wide grin was plastered on the boxers face.

"Ya got balls, Never 'ad anyone really stand up ta me before." grinning, he was ecstatic, finally someone who wasn't afraid to stand up and fight him, besides Leo. He could basically walk all over anyone he pleased because they were not only afraid of his temper, but the fact that he was a boxer. It wasn't to hard to KO someone with one good right hook. Best of all, it didn't look like this Donatello even liked boxing, so the fact he stood his ground with Mikey's earlier statement made him proud deep in his chest that this little nerd was standing his ground in the face of danger.

Blinking several times to be sure this was really happening and wasn't a way to get his guard down, opened and closed his mouth much like a fish unsure how to even respond.

"I like ya, yer a good kid." patting an olive cheek and turned away to jump over the back of the couch and lounge lazily as the TV came to life.

Donatello stood in place, trying to process the event that just took place.There were no punches thrown and wasn't even sure what to say now that he came out unscathed. So said the only think he was able to process.

"I'm not a kid."

The bark of a laugh he received didn't help his case "Whatever ya say, how old are ya? 17? 18?" his tone had a kind of sarcasm even as he flipped through the channels stopping on the football game.

"No, I'm 21 thank you very much." Donnie huffed slightly, really how did they go from threatening to uncaring in only a matter of seconds?

Nightwatcher glanced over his shoulder with a slightly surprised look "Ya don' look it, lemme see yer license then." uncurling his arm from the back of the couch in his direction for the piece of plastic.

Eyebrows knitting together, the olive turtle didn't really see any harm in it and fumbled with his wallet. It wasn't the first time someone asked for his ID to prove his age, everyone said he looked younger than his true age.

Deciding to take the other end of the two cushion couch so he didn't have to stand anymore, handed over his license.

"Huh, well shit, y'are 21, coulda fooled me." he snorted a smirk slithering to his face, "Should smile more, as much as I hate ta say it, dat gap a'yers is fuckin' adorable." handing the ID back throwing his arm back over the couch.

Feeling himself blush at the compliment was suddenly self conscious of his front tooth gap. He had it since he lost his front tooth, hoping it would fill itself out when he got older but it never did.

"Thanks..?" unsure how to respond to his choice of words. It was usually some kind of insult when anyone brought it up, so it was strange and a little nice to have someone actually compliment him on it. Over the years he became severely self conscious about it, often trying to talk with a little less lip movements but it would fall away only a minute or so later so he ended up giving up trying to hide it.

They sat in silence while the boxer watched the game, occasionally yelling for the players to get there heads in the game or shouting at the calls. Donnie shifted uncomfortably feeling awkward, he wasn't the most talkative person in the world, but being sat next to his best friends favorite boxer when he didn't even know the guy made him all the more nervous.

"Stop yer squirmin' yer movin' the couch." grunting, a warm hand snagged the back collar of his shirt, tugging a little to get his attention releasing it a second later.

"Sorry..." rubbing his throat with an annoyed look, it’s not like it hurt but sheesh you think words would be enough. His own hand traveling to the back of his neck as he felt the tingle of fingers brush against his skin.

He didn't get a response, but for the next ten minutes ended up watching the game and even caught a foul the referee missed, it didn't do them any good but he still caught it and it earned him an impressed look from Nightwatcher. Strangely enough he was starting to think the big bad boxer wasn't so bad.

But that didn't excuse him from being a little rude at first.

There time was interrupted when Mikey came back in giggling like a maniac with a bright orange hoodie in hand decorated with the TMNT Smack Down logo, and several scribbles on the back.

"Donnie! Donnie! DonnieDonnieDonnie!" he cried eagerly, the bubbly turtle taking Donnie's head in his hands and placed a loud kiss on top of his head.

Snout wrinkling in distaste swatted at the overactive turtle, "What? I'm guessing you had fun..?" rubbing his offended scalp.

"Dude Leo is the best guy ever! I got an autograph from almost everyone who competed earlier today!" bouncing, before taking off back over to Leo who was just walking to the tackling him in a tight hug "I think I love you bro! Thank you so much! I owe you big time!" Leo tried to regain his breath from the death hug and just patted Mikey's shell while he tried to get the words to form in his mind.

"You're very welcome." what he was unprepared for was the smaller turtle to squawk "I'm so happy right now it think I could kiss you-! YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT!" grasp his face and placed a sloppy kiss on the tip of Leos snout to show his appreciation.

Donnie watched the display and gasped when his friend suddenly kissed Leonardo on the nose, you don't just go around kissing random people, but that might just be him.

Especially random strangers, some people aren't exactly enthusiastic of someone of the same gender suddenly kissing them. Some more violent about it than others. So Don sat frozen in place as his heart beat a million miles a minute to watch Leos reaction.

To his complete surprise, Leo didn’t look mad at all. In fact the blue clad turtle looked more embarrassed than anything. Even from the couch the obvious red coloring his cheeks was noticeable. What the hell went on with those two in the span of 10 minutes??

"Anytime Michelangelo." smiling widely and Michelangelo grinning just as widely.

A small nudge caught Donnies attention from the two other reptiles, still in shock of what just happened right in front of his face. "You guys fuckin'?" the question was low but it still made him squeal a little in surprise "E-excuse me?"

The deadpanned look on the emerald skinned turtle face made him feel stupid for no reason "You guys fuckin'? Ya know boyfriends ‘er somethin’?" he questioned again speaking low enough so the others couldn't hear.

Beak curling in disgust at the thought shook his head frantically "No! He’s my best friend, why would you ask something like that?" especially so bluntly? Did this guy have no modestly? Or care he had been rude since they walked through the doorway?

"Just curious, considerin' he just kissed yer head then went and kissed my bro, might as well get the facts straight fer I say somthin'. This is me in a good mood kid, usually I woulda just smashed yer teeth in by now." a shoulder shrugged nonchalantly.

Rubbing his hands over his face to rid of his flushed cheeks, but ended up rubbing his temples to clear his thoughts. “So- wait are you OK with them-?”

"Time’s up princesses." The same security guard as before returned to, again, rudely interrupt them, a sigh of relief escaped him before he could stop it.

"Aw man!" the freckled turtle pouted when Donnie herded him to the door after saying their goodbyes. In all honestly he just wanted to leave before Mikey did anything else embarrassing, stupid, or he himself said anything else. "It was nice to meet you both but its time to hit the road." Donnie waved back to the brothers pathetically. Following a babbling Mikey, until a warm fingers curled around the lip of his shell and tugged him back.

"Raph." a familiar voice rumbled in his ear, turning wide eyes to the culprit. "W-what?" he breathed.

"M' names Raph. And the answer ta yer question is yeah." catching the flash of a grin, the fingers were gone and he could see the boxer returning to the room, bandanna tails following after him.

"Come on Donnie!" the call snapped him out of his daze, and trotted off to catch up with his friend. Who didn't seem to notice the little moment he had. The brainy turtle was left walking after his friend, and questioning what just happened.

"What was that about?" in a questioning tone, Leo asked his larger brother who still had a grin on his face, fingers entwined behind his head in a relaxed gesture.

"Dunno, thought I should tell 'im who exactly he was messin' wit." strutting past his brother.

"You told him your name?" Leo asked in wonder, Raph had wanted to try and keep his real name behind closed doors and rarely told anyone what it really was.Going as far as to even use a fake name when he went anywhere just in case. He liked his privacy but it didn't stop people from noticing him on the street, after all emerald green skin and yellow eyes were pretty easy to define. His mask he wore did little to protect his identity, he wore it more for personal reasons.

"Yea' guess I did." snorting where he flopped back on the couch, "Don' know why yer gettin' stuck on my shell fer sayin' somthin' yer the one who got all friendly wit the kid."

"I'll have you know hes not really a kid, i don't think 19 counts as a child anymore."

"Christ hes 19?"


"Woulda been if his pal wasn’t 21, lil guys got baby faces.”


"S'what I said."

"How do you know he wasn't lying?"

"Checked his license."

"Are you serious Raph? You asked for his ID?"

"Why not? Just curious." shrugging his shoulders with a growl at being called out.

Leo sighed, crossing his arms silence stretching between them till Raph spoke up "Ya know I think yer hidin' somthin' Leo." staring at his brother from over the couch.

Said brother didn't say anything but a small smile twitched at his lips and rolled up his sleeve slightly to show a scribble of numbers and a little heart.

"Knew it."

"It’s not like I asked for it."


"Shut up Raph."


A few days passed since the match and the meeting of the Nightwatcher and Donatello still had mixed feelings about it.

Mikey had gushed about everything he and Leo did in such a short span of time while he was stuck with Raph. Although he was happy for Mikey to have had so much fun even when the real reason he had been there was forgotten once the charming Leonardo entered the room.

He on the other hand wasn't all to sure about what to make of what happened during his time with the boxer. One minute he wasn't so bad, then he went and asked or said something that totally shriveled up his earlier assumptions. Lets not forget the little display the red wearing turtle did just before they departed. the answer to his question was yes.

Did that mean Raph was ok with his big brother being into another guy? Or was it an answer to an earlier question?? it was so confusing.

He also couldn't figure out his motives, whether Raph had just truly been curious about him or if it was possibly, flirting with him?
He could still feel a tingling of ghost touches on the back of his neck.

It didn't help that when he did end up telling Mikey about what happened, he made it seem like a bigger deal than it was. He cooed over him and strutted around claiming he had been right, at least about Don having a fun time in the end. And with all the odds, he had to say he did enjoy himself.

Currently he was on the phone with a woman who claimed he could magically fix her computer from his desk with the flick of a switch. Sometimes he seriously hated his IT job, he dealt with more morons than a drunk Mikey, high on pixie sticks.

"Bro, you gotta look at this!" speaking of Mike, he sighed in agitation, warning the other hundreds of time about barging into his room when he was on duty. Though it didn't matter since the woman slammed the phone back over the receiver. With his ears thoroughly assaulted, he removed his head set.

"What have I told you about barging in here?" he scolded him but paused at seeing his friend holding up two VIP passes to another boxing match, and he immediately was reminded of the memories from the first one "Why did you get more?! I told you I'm n-" "Dude! I didn't buy them! They came in the mail!"

Rushing over to Donnies desk to deposit the two badges on the hard surface for him to examine. Scrunching his face up in confusion met Mikeys own confused glance.

"They came with a note but I don't know anyone named Raph."

Donatello felt a shock rush through his spine and snatched the note from him, The signature looking to be in very familiar handwriting style, feeling his face burn hotly the more he read.

Dear Knuckleheads,

Thought I should be the one to show you both what it takes to be a boxer, ‘Cause it's not all trying to beat the living shit out of each other.

That means you to Donnie-boy

From, Raph

Oh god, memories flashed of the moment he was trapped between the wall and the muscular fighter flooded his mind.

"Wait, do you know who Raph is?" gasping suddenly "Is he your secret lover you never told me about?! And all this time you were just pretending to be a v-"


"Well then who's Raph?" he pleaded getting in far to close nearly cheek to cheek with his bro as he read the note, Donatello pulling away at the pop in his personal bubble.



"He told me his name when we were leaving."

"The NIGHTWATCHER, the famous boxer who we met like a few days ago, gave you his real name, that Nightwatcher!?!"


"Oh my god dude! How did you get his name!? He keeps it like a big secret! Only like 2 people know his real name."

"I didn't he told me before I left..."

Michelangelos face was utter curiosity with a knowing smirk "Dude I think he likes you!"

Sputtering, feeling his already red cheeks darken further pushed away rolling in his desk chair "What!? No that's ridiculous, he's just trying to get back at me after insulting his profession."

"And you like him to~" grinning cheekily, watching his bro freak out.

"I do not!"

"Yeah you do!"

"Why do you say that then!?" hissing embarrassed to even be having this conversation.

"Cause Dee, your face is redder than a tomato right now."

The next second Mikey was running for his life with a flustered and angry Donatello.
A Lesson In Boxing

Summary: Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey black mails him in to going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i dont own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: Meeting The Nightwatcher
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, some violence, gayness, spelling errors and un-betaed work, future turtlecest
Beta NaruButt

Ch 1: here

This a totally new AU, it doesnt take place in the original series or anything, its a world were creatures or for a lack or a better word to describe them, mutants (there not really i just cant think of anything better to call them) live with humans peacefully like we do today, of course theres people/creatures who dislike or hate the opposite species. except the turtle wear clothes and junk<3 EDIT: edited for errors, some things have been reworde

got check out some fanart for this chapter! Tmnt A Lesson In Boxing - Cornered by Dragona15Tmnt A Lesson In Boxing Meet the Nightwatcher by Dragona15~Raph Sketches by klankeyA Lesson In Boxing by klankey~A Lesson In Boxing by 10yrsyHeres A Lesson To Ya by Donniebby
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