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A Lesson In Boxing

Summary:Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey blackmails him into going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i don't own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: The Date
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, gayness, Fluffyness, turtlecest

The Date

It shouldn't be possible to feel such a wide range of emotions, especially first thing in the morning.

For once, it was hard for Donatello to pull himself free from his cocoon of blankets and pillows. The warmth and comfort was almost irritable to his anxious brain. The fact that it was Friday didn't steady his already racing heart. Though he had not dared tell Mikey of the non-consensual date plan, so the fact that he had to get out of bed to not only face Raphael, but Mikey at some time only made him further bury his face into the pillows.

That little hug had set his belly into a pit of butterflies as his head went into overdrive trying to process his true feelings buried beneath the sea of uneased anxiety. The push and pull of the conflicting thoughts and feelings set the genius turtle on edge. On one hand, he did like Raphael; he wasn't too big of an asshole that most famous people were. He was sweet in his own way, and didn't show any real sign of messing with him. But on the other hand, he wasn't sure if he was willing to try anything; Don himself was extremely nervous when it came to any kind of physical relations. Unfortunately, lots of people today only wanted a physical relationship if that. Most one night stands because neither person wanted a commitment yet wanted to pleasures of sex. He was not about to be used as some kind of toy, that’s all he could envision when it came to a one night stand.

Exactly five days have passed since the night with Raph and Leo. There was no lying to himself, he actually had fun. More than Donatello had in a long time since he got his IT job. Not saying Mike wasn't fun to be around, no. It was just a nice change. Everything had been comfortable and simple, like long lost friends.

Maybe he could pretend not to be home when that knock came, or visit Leatherhead down in the sewers while Raph came around. However Donnie could never do such a thing to anyone. That was not only cruel,but the guilt would just eat away at his conscious until he exploded.

Lying wasn’t exactly one of his best qualities.

A soft whine was muffled by the pile of pillows as Don curled more comfortably into his bed, avoiding the shining light filtering through the curtain. There wasn't anyway to avoid it, either lie about not being able attend or just get it over with.

Amazingly enough, Leo had stopped by to visit the other day to take Mikey out for a surprise date. It was really sweet in his opinion. Leo seemed committed and decided to keep himself out of the matter from now on. He would never interfere with a relationship mind you, the olive turtle just didn't want to see his best friend hurt. Leo seemed like a great guy, it settled his nerves knowing Mike was in the hands of a very capable turtle.

Back to his own problems, getting up from the warmth of his blankets, he debated just staying in bed till he heard the knock and just lay there till Mike decided to get the door. But god knows what would happen if those two teamed up on him and dragged him out of bed. Quite possibly, literally.

"Donnie!? You alive in there bro? I don't think I've ever been up before you!"

Groaning, Donnie curled more on himself wanting nothing more than to hide from the day ahead. Kicking the blankets away with the most strength he could muster, regretted his decision immediately as the sudden chill sent goosebumps blossoming on his olive skin. Making a mental note to turn the heat up, got up while adjusting his pajama pants and t-shirt where they clung to his shell and plastron awkwardly.

"Yes of course I'm alive, I don't see how I would be if I was just sleeping a bit longer than usual, unlike you who always seem content in sleeping till noon." beginning his day as always; with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

"If you say so, don't go all zombie on me dude cause I don’t think I could handle chopping your head off. Plus usually I’m free from responsibilities till I have to go to a birthday party around 4. Cause who has a B-day party at 7 in the morning?” the freckled turtle huffed like he was truly insulted.

“ANNNNND~ it’s my day off, I'm free to be as lazy as I want." Flipping his famous chocolate chip pancakes in the pan, MIkey started to sway from side to side by the stove.

Not responding till he took his first sip of coffee, Donnie took a seat at their small dining table.

"No one said you had to get up at 7 am, I’m simply an early riser, but you do have a point so consider yourself lucky you have a rather lenient job that allows you to basically work whenever you're called." Sighing contently when the hot liquid settled in his belly, melting away his earlier worries away. Mikey’s job allowed him to be his own boss. Cowabunga Carl was Mikeys own creation, the only reason the ridiculous knock off of a clown act existed was because Mike refused to get a real job. The sea foam turtle did have a pizza delivery job at one point, let’s just say MIkey and unguarded pizza was a horrible idea. Donatello was just nice enough to help him when it came to the financial side of Mike’s job.

"Speaking of being called, Leo called me earlier~." MIkey chimed with a little wag in his tail.

Rolling brown eyes at the obvious desire to spill the information, Don humored his best friend "Oh? And?"

Humming a happy tune Mikey replied "And he asked me out again~ I can't wait! He's so much fun and he's so nice and ahhhgg!" hugging his spatula to his chest as he gushed. "He gave me his coat yesterday when we went to a hockey game, I mean who takes a coat anywhere in July right? I swear he did it just to let me use it." grinning an award winning grin, he turned off the stove while skipping to the table with a plate full of pancakes.

Don made a fond face at the thought, "I take it you had fun then? I didn't hear you come in last night." taking his share of pancakes to his own plate with a small thank you.

"Shell yeah! I got home late because we stopped for some last minute grub." smiling around his mouth full of doughy goodness.

Exchanging between sipping at his coffee to chewing on the delicious breakfast the two  continued into a comfortable silence as they enjoyed their breakfast.

"So have you given any thought into going out with the big guy yet?"

There went the silence.

Clearing his throat awkwardly, Donnie decided to just tell him, Mike would find out one way or another "Not exactly, He decided it was ok to take someone out without their consent so I guess I'm going with him to get a drink." wrinkling his beak at the thought of alcohol.

"Really? That’s awesome! I can see you both getting married now~" giggling insanely when Don stole some of his pancakes in annoyance.

"Are you listening? I didn't agree to go, he decided it for me. Correct me if i’m wrong but  that’s not how dating works." stuffing the bite into his mouth.

"So? You need some demanding attitude in your life bro, you're all about facts and reasoning; it's about time you got someone assertive to push you around a little, and not in a bad way." playfully nudging Don with his foot under the table. “Anyway even if hes too pushy you don’t have to see him anymore. Raphie boy just seems like he really wants to hang out with you. But you're too stubborn to give him that chance.”

The smartest turtle said nothing but thought over his friends words, pushing his food around with his fork. The look that crossed Don's face sent Mikey into a rare serious mode. Voice dropping to a softer tone in a comforting manner.

"I know you're really nervous about being with anyone after what happened bro, but you don't know how awesome it feels to be in a good relationship! And I'm sure Raphie- no scratch that, I know he's a radical dude and is totally into you." reaching over to squeezing his best friends shoulder reassuringly.

Sighing through his nose unable to stop olive lips from tugging into a small smile. "Thanks, but I’m still not so sure I'm willing to try just yet." finishing off his last mouthful of coffee.

Mike nodded, but smiled cheekily, "Just follow your heart dude" Mikey leaned back, entwining his fingers behind his head in a smug manner.

Don chuckled, ”Maybe you should lay off the romance movies."

"They're not romances! They're just more couple based stuff with lots of cuddling."

"Watching them is not necessarily a bad thing you know."

"Whoever heard of a guy digging that stuff? No way I'm admitting it!"

Halfheartedly the olive turtle punched his friend's arm. "I think its' you who needs to learn to be yourself."

"Yeah right, at least I have the decency to show when I like someone."

"Shut up."


Hours went by as the two friends went about their usual lives, Donatello taking a few hours to work on his IT job, and Mike lazing around watching TV and doing the chores. Each minute that ticked by sent the genius's belly into a frenzy of uncertainty at the thought of seeing the boxer face to face once again. Both extraordinarily nervous and a tad excited. Even if it was only technically their first date (It took a lot of effort to admit that.) It gave him a warm fuzzy feeling that the larger turtle was almost determined to see him more. It helped set his protected heart at ease. It was nice to know someone was willing to fight for him.

But that lead to his latest predicament, trying to figure out what to wear. Currently dressed in a white short sleeved button up, a purple vest over top, with dark slacks and his usual sneakers. If only it was a colder time of year otherwise he would wear his favorite sweater.

Looking at himself in a mirror nodded to himself, nothing too much or too little. A sudden loud knock he was able to hear from his current position getting ready in his bedroom made him jump. Listening intently if Mike made a move to answer it, only hearing an obvious 'I'm not getting up' whistle.

Making his way to the door, Donnie threw a near by pillow at his friend who was lounging on the couch. Taking one final deep breath to calm his nerves, Don finally pulled the door open to peek outside at the casually dressed boxer. He would never be able to get over how amazing he looked without his mask. Not that it didn't make him any less handsome, no. Dressed in a tight black t-shirt with an avenged sevenfold printed across the top, he was guessing with the art from the 'Bow to the king' album image. Black jeans and his leather boots from before. That black tee really showed off his powerful arms and shoulders nicely.

Oh boy....

"Sup Donnie-boy." Grinning, Raph gave a mock salute as a greeting.

"Hi...I would just like to say this is a non-consensual date first off." the words slipping past his lips without a second thought and almost wished he could take them back. That sounded terrible. “So this isn’t a date at all, just remember that.”

It didn't look like the other cared. "Great, not supposed ta be 'member? Supposed ta get cha to fall fer me."

Raph's confident smirk quickly morphed into a frown "Tha' whatcha wearin'?" looking the smaller turtle up and down with disapproval.

Said olive turtle suddenly felt self conscious at the other eyeing him and his apparently bad choice at an outfit. "What's wrong with it?" having to bite his tongue in order not to snap at the emerald turtle for saying anything about what he was wearing, that was just plain rude.

Raphael's beak wrinkled slightly "Nothin's wrong wit it, Ya look great, jus' where we're goin' ya can look less like yer at some kinda fancy restaurant." grunting and inviting himself in with a gentle nudge of the door. Don watched him for a second feeling bad he almost snapped at the larger male. Almost.

"Hey Raph!" Mike chimed from the couch,

"Sup goofball, which ones yer room?" looking back and forth between the two obvious bedrooms, and immediately realized he didn't have to ask, the door with many different magazine cut outs and a poster of adventure time had to be Mike's room. Opposite one it was then.

"The awesome one, why?" sitting up to curiously watch the turtle as he made a beeline for Donnie’s bedroom.

"Gotta get Donnie changed inta somthin' more comfy." a smirk curling his lips as he  gestured for the youngest member to follow.

"That’s what I said dude!"

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!? Don't go in my room you brute!" Don said following after him when the larger turtle disappeared into his room.

"Jus' lookin' fer some clothes fer ya, calm down brainiac." Taking a moment to glance around the room. It looked as if it served two different things, half looked like a normal bedroom, neat and organized even the bed. The other half looked like a science lab. Pieces of scrap metal and tools cluttered a desk near the corner and a computer sat near by with notes and other things surrounding it. Not exactly what he was expecting but who was he to judge?

"But it's my room." Don uncharacteristically whined desperately, feeling embarrassed the other was not only in his room but looking through his closet of clothes.

"Sheesh ya can see mine once ya come ta my place, but yer changin'." Growling lowly when nothing in the nerds line of clothes looked ok to wear. All it was was more fancy things like button ups and- was that a pollo? Oh hell no, there was definitely a need for a god damn t-shirt here. "Ya really need some normal clothes there Donnie, Ever heard of a t-shirt?"

Don groaned at getting no where with this conversation, crossed his arms in agitation. "Yes I have, I just prefer nicer clothing, its easier to get on with the buttons."

"How about this?"

Both turtles turned to see Mikey holding up a simple purple 'Bazinga' t-shirt, and cargo shorts.


"What?! Do I not get a say in anything?"

"Ya do, jus's not till ya agree ta go out wit me."

"Why would I do that? Do you know how sadistic you sound?"

Raph ignored that last part "Cause till ya do, I'm gonna be 'round, askin' everytime I see ya to get ya to fall fer me. So might as well agree to it sooner than later sweetheart."

"And if I don't?"

Mikey kicked the door shut with an innocent smile, swinging the clothes back and forth slowly.

"Then I'll just have ta prove ta ya I'm here ta stay, and ya are more than worth the fight."

Don felt his cheeks grow hot, glancing back and forth between the two advancing turtles with a devious twinkle in their eyes. The cornered turtle swallowed thickly. 'Mikey you traitor' he hissed in his mind.

"But first, ya need ta change, even if ya look drop dead sexy.”


Three minutes later Don was dressed in Mikey's clothes. Without too much of a fight after shouting he would get ready by himself if they left him alone. Luckily they trusted the smartest turtle enough, but Raph threatened to come in and dress him if he wasn't out in 5 minutes. There was no way that was going to happen. He even saw the two devious turtles fist bump when they walked out.

"There, are you both satisfied?"

"Yeah, don' worry ya can wear what evah ya want later, tonight’s supposed ta be fun, and ya cant have fun in yer old clothes."

"I’m sure it wouldn't make a difference."

Grinning Raphael shrugged "Jus' wait."

"Aw, get outta here you crazy kids!" Mikey urged them to the door "Go have fun! and make sure hes back by 1 Raph!"

"No promises!" Laughing loudly when Don groaned again at Mike's behavior falling into step side by side his 'date'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Minutes Before)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The two turtles laughed their way out of Dons room, the face the brainy turtle had made when he threatened to come back in was utterly priceless.

"Just saying, if you really wanna win Donnie over, coffee's the way to go bro." the freckled male suddenly leaned up and whispered just in case Don would be able to hear.

"Coffee?" Raph snorted in amusement.

"Yeah like I said before, it's his weakness literally, he drinks that stuff all the time and if you buy him a cup he will love you forever." Grinning happily he was finally able to start getting Operation: Boxing Love into action. "That time you let him have your coffee? Made that boy melt like warm ice cream dude, He's an utter sucker for it. Just remember that, and you didn’t hear it from me~" Jumping away when Don came out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Back to the present)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once his best friend and Nightwatcher were out of sight, Mike trotted across the hall to Pete's door knocking secretly. No one other than Leo peeked around the door "Are they gone?"

"Yeah dude, come on!" taking hold of the older turtles hand and pulling his back to his shared apartment. "Thanks Pete! I owe you one!" Mike giggled over his shoulder, the human simply waving in reply.

Pulling his boyfriend through the door to close it behind him Mikey grinned up at him when he was engulfed in a hug.

"Are you ready to get Operation Boxing Love under way?" smiling happily when Leo pulled away to smile right back and pressing a soft kiss to his head.

"I guess so, what did you have in mind?"

Mikey pulled out his phone waving it, snickering in delight "A certain someone to lend a hand!"


"May I ask where you're taking me?" Donatello asked his 'date' as they both trotted down the steps.

"Ta a bar I know," the response came with a half grin and shrug of powerful shoulders.

Sighing softly, Don followed behind. It looked like that was all he was going to get out of the larger turtle. He didn’t settle well not knowing where he was being taken, but one glance at Raph made him feel better. Who in their right mind would try anything with someone like him around? It also didn't help that if you were a fan of the Nightwatcher it was easy to tell it was him. So again who would mess with a Professional boxer?

"You are one stubborn turtle."

"Story of mah life, ain't the first one ta tell me dat."

"I’m not surprised, but even though its annoying at times I guess its a nice quality to have in your profession." joking around, smiling lightly at the thought.

Grinning at the response Raph and Don finally made it to the parking lot only to have Donnie pause and look around as Raph continued to a Motorcycle.

"Uh where's your truck? Or was that Leos vehicle...?" his voice filtering out as Raph picked up the single helmet resting on the bikes handlebars. No.....

"Don' got it this time brainiac, just my bike."


"Are you gonna come closer 'er jus' stand there all night?"

"...Are you kidding?"


"Our mode of transportation it a motorcycle?!" voice cracking near the end.

"Nevah been on one before have ya?" the sarcasm that dripped off his words was almost unbearable, the knowing smirk only made it worse.

"Of course I haven't! Do you know that Motorcycles are 35 times more likely to be caught in a deadly accident-!"

"Now yer startin' ta sound like Leo."

"For good reason! You could get seriously hurt or even killed riding that thing!"

The older turtle made a slight face of annoyance from all the yelling "Calm yer shell, it's fine, here think fast." Raphael tossed the only helmet in the others direction who caught it with ease.

"Now come on Donnie-boy yer gettin' more attention than anythin' "

True to his words, a few of his neighbors and other pedestrians were staring or obviously trying to listen to their conversation. Even when it was almost 8:30 at night. Stupid gossip vultures.

With one last uneasy glance at the not-so-surprisingly red motorcycle, the genius hesitantly made his way over. The larger turtle threw his leg over the seat, patting the spot behind him.

The last of his reasoning went out the window and climbed on behind him awkwardly trying to make as little contact as possible. Feeling his cheeks warm at the close proximity, Don quickly slipped the helmet over his head to hide it. "But what about you? It's a death wish not to wear a helmet." The roar of the engine drowned out the last bit of his sentence. The bike shifting from its kickstand to the balance of its drivers legs.

"Do it all the time, don' cha worry yer pretty little head." chuckling at the obvious nervousness coming from Don.

"Dat the best yer gonna hold on?" stealing a glance over his shoulder at his passenger.

"I-I think I’ll be fine as long you don't go too fast." hesitantly letting his hands rest just above Raphael's hips, letting his fingers curl around where the shell connected to the bridges under his clothing.

"Tha' aint an option." and with that the engine roared again, the bike jolting forward to peel out of the parking lot. A startled shriek ripped past Donatello's lips and instinctively wrapped his arms tight around the body in front of him in order to stay on.

" 'ang on tight." the emerald turtle chuckled feeling the smaller male cling around his middle for dear life and the face buried into the back of his shell only made him laugh. Raph's laughter was cut off when the seemingly harmless grip got tighter. Jesus Donnie didn't look that strong but that was one hell of a grip!

"Hey lighten up the grip will ya? I need ta breathe ta drive!" Hollering over the loud roar of the engine. Almost immediately the arms loosened but stayed tight around his middle.

"Oh god slow down! This isn't safe and the speed you're going is against the legal limit!" squawking muffled do to refusing to remove his face from the shell to watch the speeding cars and buildings sure to be whizzing by.

"I ain't even at the speed limit yet Donnie-boy!" Laughing loudly as he sped up to reach the legal limit, it was possible though he was purposefully going a bit faster than needed.

Minutes passed before they arrive at the new location. Donnie prayed if need be he could find his way back home because that was seriously a terrifying experience. It only intensified the fear knowing full well the consequences of a joy ride like that. A small mistake could take your life and he intended to get back home safely without a missing appendage.

The two finally came to a stop, the olive turtle still gripping tight to the driver unwilling to even peek if this really was the intended place. "Are we here?" voice still muffled due to the Raphael's shell.

A soft chuckle told him everything he needed to know "Were here, ya can let go now."

In a span of a few second, Don can clearly say he had never moved so fast in his life. Till that moment, Don never realized how much he loved non-moving concrete.

Despite his fear and his right mind. He felt a little of something else. Dare he say it was exhilarating, he wasn't much for danger and putting his life on the line for a bike ride. But it was exciting to try something new after so long. The warmth that came from the body in front of him had not been helping either.

Though that didn't mean he intended to do it again soon.

The secret location Raphael intended to have their little 'date', was indeed a bar. Plaster out front was a sign titled GoodVibes. Luckily it alpes red to be more like a sports bar than a nightclub.

"Tha' was fun" the snicker to his right made him scowl lightly.

Shaking his head instead of responding right away, Donnie removed the helmet fitted over his head.

"I highly disagree, how do you consider putting your life on the line fun?" handing over the protective head piece to its owner who snorted.

"Dat's the fun brainiac, Ya gotta loosen up an' maybe yu'll see why it's fun." Rising from his seat.

Don gave a thoughtful look, it was a thought but it was hard when you lived your whole life the same way. Letting loose like some kind of college party frat wasn't the olive turtle's style. Neither was going to a bar but yet, here he was. With the infamous Nightwatcher, dressed in a much more casual clothing than he's used to, getting a ride here on a motorcycle here none the less. The night was still young and he had already done a few things he never imagined.

Maybe it was time to try and let loose.

A gentle tug pulled him from his day dreaming to comprehend  Raph taking hold of his elbow to drag him a few steps. Raising an eyebrow down at him "Ya done thinkin'?" releasing his hold to nudge Don forward through the doors where he was engulfed with a stale, and unidentifiable scent, music and people/creatures moving in every direction. T.V's plastered here and there along with a seperate area for the dj and dance floor. Raph herded him to the bar near the corner where it wasn't to loud so they could chat without too much distraction from the loud thumping music nearby.

"Aye Trax I needa few beers ovah here." the two settled into the stools comfortably while Don admired the surrounding, much like any other bar it was slightly dim lighting, most coming from the bar itself and the dance floor. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Well if it isn't the great Raphael himself." The smaller turtle turned back around to meet a triceratops creature casually cleaning a glass as his heavy footsteps could be heard even over the music. Holy moley he was massive, Donnie never would have expected someone of his size to be a bartender.

"Long time no see." The other turtle replied with a grin.

"It has been, and you brought a friend?" The much larger triceratops motioned to Donatello who politely waved and greeted him in return.

Raph nodded and motioned to his guest with a jerk of his head.

"Oh, yes. My name is Donatello but you can call me Donnie for short it's nice to meet you, and you are..?"

"I am Traximus, it is nice to meet you as well Donatello."

"Aye 'm dyin' a beer loss ovah here Trax."

"Patient as ever, here you both are."

"Thank you, it was really nice to meet you."

"Any friend of Raphael's is a friend of mine, its not everyday someone is acquainting him." and with that the bartender left them to attend his many other customers. What did he mean by that?

"He seems nice." Don started more or less just playing with the cold bottle set in front of him while Raph popped the top of his own off with ease.

"Tch, not always, first time I evah met 'im was in the ring, nearly beat me." snorting and took a long chug of his beer.

The other turtle nodded, but was a little taken aback "He's a boxer?"

"Used ta be, after we fought he retired, some how became mah friend after we beat each other senseless."

Don was going to make his earlier opinion known, but figured it wasn't the best idea.

"Wow, it's usually once you beat each other you become enemies." laughing a little at the thought.

"Fuckin' weird huh?" chuckling along with his date. Who he noticed had yet to even open his drink. Only spinning the bottle absent mindedly as they chatted back and forth.

Reaching just next to him, Raph popped the top off believing that was the problem.

"Oh, uh thank you, but I’m not a drinker. I just didn't want to seem rude." Smiling a bit sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Jus' try it." The emerald turtle tipped his own beer back for another swig.

Not wanting to seem rude after been given it anyway, hesitantly took a sip knowing full well the foul taste that followed. Of course he had tried a beer before but the taste was something he could never get used to. He didn’t like it at all, in fact he would rather have anything other than a simple cheap bar beer. He didn't drink hardly ever and when he did it usually involved a second party asking him to.

"It tastes like piss." The words slipped past Donatello's lips before he could think what his lips were doing. Judging by Raph's surprised choke laughter around his beer the slip of his tongue must have been amusing.

"You ain't gotta drink it if ya-" Raph stopped mid sentence when Don threw his head back to swallow several mouth fulls of the foul tasting beverage. slamming it back to the counter with a sound of distaste.


"I figure if I need to loosen up, alcohol is the best option to help." coughing lightly half way into his words as said alcohol burned his throat. "I do however refuse to drink beer any longer and would love something that doesn't taste like a litter box."

Raphael grinned "Wanna have a drinkin' contest then?"

"That is out of the question." both turtles laughed together chatting back and forth about nothing and everything at once. Trax came back at one point with some fries on the house for some reason. Raph seemed suspicious when the larger mutant smirked and said it was a memorable night. Also bringing a requested water that Don asked for.

Though the suspicions didn't stop the larger turtle from accepting the food. Donnie took the chance to finally start to get to know this infamous boxing champion.

"That was...?" Don said unsure what word to use, snatching a fry and popping it into his mouth.

"Yer tellin' me, but fuck 'im. I pulled ya out 'ere fer a reason so I wanna get ta know ya brainiac."

"Alright, How about we go back and forth then? I ask a question and you answer? Then you can ask me one." Donatello suggested sipping at his much more refreshing water.

"So how old are you?"


"Really? I thought you would be older than that."

"You sayin' I look old?"

"No, not necessarily, it's just with your job and everything it's amazing you're still so young."

"Nice save, I mighta had ta pin ya till ya took it back." Raph said, watching Donnie peek away bashfully.

"W'as yer job?"

"I work as an IT tech support. So people call me when their computer isn't working for help. But I work from home so it's really easy to do despite the occasional stubborn or for a lack of a better word, crazy person."

Seeing Raphael's questioning look, he continued. "For example, a woman called me the other day yelling that I some how magically made her computer blow up after she spilled coffee on it. Let me remind you she had not been talking to me before all this happened." shuddering at the memory, their policy was to try and help the other person the best they could and not to hang up on anyone. Only when the person in need does can you move on. 3 hours later he was ready to cry that the woman had yet to hang up and stop accusing him of something she did her self and couldn't do anything about it unless she cleaned that computer thoroughly and prayed it still worked.

"I woulda just yelled at her till she hung up, no way i'm listenin' to that shit."

"It has its perks and downfalls. My policy instructs me to stay on the line until they hang up so I can't really just hang up unless I want to get in trouble with my boss."

"That's just fuckin' stupid, how in the shell is that fair to ya?" Raph snapped.

The olive turtle merely shrugged with a smile "It's not that big of a deal honestly, I would much rather be the phone guy and not the one who has to go and manually fix their problem." taking a moment to eat a few fries.

"You must 'ave a lotta patience fer dat." grunting again and finishing off his third beer.

"I need it to deal with them." smirking a knowing smile. Imagining Raph trying to work someone through to find the problem was just hilarious. He imagined the hot head would just break the computer and say 'problems fixed.'

"How did you become a boxer?" the real question he had wanted to ask since they met.

The emerald turtle chewed his food thoughtfully glancing at his smaller companion. "Actually jus' a hobby. My father's a martial artist and taught us since we were tots. I only got inta it 'cause it helped me cool off when 'm pissed."

Donnie listened intently at the new information not having guessed this larger turtle would know martial arts. Considering now he was a boxer, but it did help explain his movements even if it all seemed focused on brute strength, and his quick reflexes.

"So you just do it in your spare time..?"

Raph smirked at him with a playful look,"Thought it was my turn?"

Don nervously fiddled with his shirt, "Right, sorry, just curious." smiling up at him.

The smirk coiling at emerald lips made him feel more embarrassed at letting his curiosity get the best of him. Taking a swig from his new bottle of beer, Raph enjoyed the burn and continued to answer Dons question anyway "Uh-huh, helped a lot. I'd jus' go off and beat on my punching bag or lift weights whenever I was mad." shrugging taking a few more fries to chew absent mindedly.

"Wha' 'bout you?"


"Wha's yer story?"

Don tapped his chin in thought, his life wasn't exciting like it would be if he was a famous sports star. But he could begin somewhere right?

"There's not much to tell. I had always liked all the different fields of science growing up, when I was little I accidentally blew up my parents toaster trying to conduct an experiment. And I went to college to study engineering." blinking at how boring that sounded. Did he really not have anything cool to say?

"Wait, ya went ta college..?!"


"Shouldn' ch'ya still be there?"

"Ah, no I started when I was 17 and graduated just before I turned 20."

"Sheesh ya really are a genius."

"No I'm not...It just comes naturally I don't think I’m much smarter than anyone really.." His intelligence was something he didn't really like to discuss. It always turned into a lot of unwanted attention, and he really preferred not to be put on the spot. Plus all the praise that came with it was ridiculous. It wasn't a big deal, his brain just could retain more information, that's it.

"Don' cha go and say that shit, just admit yer smart and I’ll drop it." glancing down at Don with a strange look in his eyes.

"Whatever you say Raph." shaking his head at his 'date's' behavior.

" 'M serious Don." the low tone made the smaller turtle pause to observe Raphael. His grip had tightened on his fourth bottle, eyes glaring down at the counter like it had offended him.

Unable to think of why his words had affected the fighter the way it did, hesitantly reached out to take the bottle before it could be crushed in the others hands. "Be careful with that."

"Why don' ya admit anythin'?"

Donatello glanced up at the larger turtle in confusion, he didn't get a chance to respond when Raph turned in his stool to face him fully. Eyes burning in anger mixed with something else he couldn't quite decipher.

"Why don' ya admit anythin'? Ya won't admit yer smart, ya won't admit yer cute, ya just take anythin' nice someone says and say no." a sneer starting to shadow his face with every word spoken.

"Ya keep makin' yerself look bad when yer not, that's bullshit." Raph obviously felt strongly about this for some reason. Shock froze his body and stared up at the frustrated and growling turtle. Not believing someone like Raph would have such a response or for him to care so much. It was his normal response to praise or compliments. Donnie wasn't someone who enjoyed a lot of attention and shying away from it was what he did unconsciously. Though, praise was nice when, for example he created something that helped someone else or possibly around Mikey and his shared apartment. A simple thanks for doing a good job wasn't bad either.

Watching with worry at the rather intimidating stature of the boxer. Don felt himself curl in on himself. The larger turtle still glared at him lips curling into a snarl from being ignored as the olive turtle stared helplessly up at him.

"...I'm just not comfortable with compliments."

"Why the hell not?" growling right back, fist clenched tightly resting on the counter as if holding himself back from punching the accused male.

Don stayed quite, debating telling the truth or lying. But he knew lying may anger the fighter even more than he already was and if that happened he wouldn't be able to sit next to him any longer. It was hard enough trying not to look scared when a turtle much stronger than you was snarling in your face and eyes piercing holes through his body with every second that ticked away.

"Well?!" Raph finally snapped, it made no sense to him why Don would be uncomfortable with compliments. For the looks of it, he deserved everything. He was nice, cute as a button, smart, a little geekish but it only added personality, It was easy to tease him about it too. Brave, and willing to stand by his word. Everything the larger turtle pointed out or praised was shot down with a shy glance away or a 'no I'm not...' or 'it really isn’t..'. He could tell without much effort Don wasn't fishing for praise or compliments so what was the big fucking deal?!

"It scares me."

Faltering at the answer Raph looked down the other in surprise. Don was gripping at his shorts tightly keeping his eyes down cast avoiding any eye contact.

"Wha'? Why?" reeling back to observe Don fully, suddenly feeling a wave of guilt wash over him at the olive turtle who looked just about to curl in on himself as auburn eyes shut tightly. That was saying something because he, Raphael Hamato, didn't feel guilt for almost anything.

"Because I don’t want my heart to be played with again."

Brows knitting together in confusion Raph glanced around to see if anyone was watching them, when he decided no one was, replied in softer tone.

"Fuck Don I didn' mean ta hit a nerve-"

"No, it's ok." for the first time, Donatello interrupted.

"You will find out one way or another so I may as well get it out there now. I've never really dated anyone before, let alone really had a solid relationship. A while back I was in a bar much like this one with Mike and a lizard came up to chat with me at the bar. His name was Ben and he seemed really nice, and we talked for a long time. I found out we had a lot in common, and much like you are, we flirted a little and it was really nice to find someone like that who wasn't looking for the next one night stand. But at one point he asked if I would be willing to meet him again and I agreed, we had talked for some time and I admittedly really liked him." Don retold the events without so much as glancing at his date, afraid of seeing his face.

"And....When I agreed to see him again, he got up with a disgusted look on his face. A group near by that I didn't notice watching us were laughing and patting him on the back after he moved away. They had given him money. I realized everything that just happened was just some kind of sick joke to play. Ben had been bet to see if he could get me to see him again, or into bed. All they did was point and laugh at me, I found out Ben was not even gay, so I guess it was a huge deal that he was able to accomplish it." hands trembling slightly having to relive that terrible experience. It not only hurt him emotionally but there had been so many people to witness it, some had even joined in laughing at him not even knowing what was going on. He nearly cried in front of all those people, no he wasn't a cry baby, but to experience something like that was too much to bare. Luckily Mikey had come to his rescue after chewing Ben out. He didn't leave the apartment for almost a month, even with Mikey's coaxing. "The worst part is the fact it's not the first time something like this has happened. A few other people have flirted with me but when they realized I was not going to be a quick fuck they left me alone."

"I never felt so utterly humiliated in my entire life. It hurt, both emotionally and mentally . I've been teased my entire life so I was used to it. What I wasn’t used to is so many people to joke about me and call me a fag all at once, it was too much. I really had been starting to like him, so to have it all just ripped away so fast was like a punch in the face and for everyone to join in was excruciating. I can't take anything nice anyone says to me seriously because I'm afraid it's all some kind of joke to play with my emotions or a way to wiggle their way in so will sleep with them. I try to avoid anyone showing interest in me because who would be serious about someone like me? I’m nothing special, nor am I the most attractive person in the world. I...I just cant go through that again..." A small hitch in his voice was the only detail of how much damage that single man had caused to the shy turtle. It was also a reason he didn't like to be the center of attention, even the smallest thing would remind him of that embarrassing night.

Raph's earlier posture had melted away and stared at Don in shock. That was something he wasn't expecting to hear. It explained everything, that dramatic experience left the poor turtle heart broken and scared of anyone who tried to get close. But hearing it was something totally different.  Boiling rage snaked through Raphael's skin that someone could do such a thing to the already shy male. He swore up and down in his head that no one came to his rescue or even defend the poor victim besides Michelangelo.

If he ever saw this Ben guy, he would have a little 'chat' about that night.

But the larger male wasn't good with words. To him, the phrase: 'actions speak louder than words' was how he functioned. Staring with mixed feelings at the other who still had yet to move from his position and refused to open his eyes.

Following his instincts with what he did best, they screamed at him to comfort the smaller turtle.

Moving forward off his stool to stand, Raph took hold of the shoulder opposite of him to turn Donnie around to face him. Wrapping him protectively in a hug. To his surprise, it was returned with olive arms curling under his own at the feel of comfort.

"I didn' know."

A sniffle emerged from the mouth muffled against his scared, clothed plastron.

"I know."

Refusing to move away from the sniffling turtle, Raph held him protectively; feeling almost awkward he was doing so, hands unconsciously stroking the exposed shell. Both males feeling a warm fuzzy feeling flop around in their bellies. Raph was never good at saying sorry, because he hated to admit he was wrong. However in this situation, it seemed appropriate appropriate to swallow his pride.

"Sorry." It felt strange to hear the word come from his own tongue, but was unwilling to say anything else or risk saying something he shouldn't.

A soft grateful laughing came from Donnie as he pulled away slowly wiping his eyes with a smile. Raph could only watch in confusion as Donnie looked much more content then moments ago.

"Hugging is a good medicine." he spoke, wiping his wet eyes. Even when the other had said nothing more than sorry, he could feel everything in such a simple gesture. Don could feel that Raph was truly sorry for getting angry about something he had not yet understood, there was no doubt Raph was telling the truth when he said he wasn't messing with him.

"It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift, Scientists say that hugging is a form of communication because it can say things you don't have the words for." Unable to look away from the quiet speaking turtle Raph could only watch as said turtle smiled thankfully up at him.

"And the nicest thing about a hug is that you usually can't give a hug without getting one in return." This time Don was up to hug Raphael who had yet to sit down.

"Thank you." the soft breath tickled the boxers emerald neck and pulled away just as quick as it began.

Warm brown met fiery amber in a silent exchange before auburn peeked away with a light flush on olive cheeks.

A real genuine small smile made it to the fighters lips as they returned to their rightful stools side by side.

" 'S yer turn ya know." nudging Donnie with his arm to get his attention, wanting to bring back the comfortable atmosphere they had before he decided to let his anger get the best of him. For once it led to something good.

Donnie had yet to stop smiling displaying his tooth gap and Raphael had to resist leaning over to press a kiss over those soft looking lips.

"I always wondered why you took that pose before you box." mimicking it with ease having engraved into his mind at such a strange gesture. The mood falling back into a much more comfortable and natural aura as before despite his emotional experience seconds ago.

Raph chuckled at the mock pose "Its somethin' I do before I fight, it pays respect ta my father for teaching me everything he knows. He's done a lot fer me an' Leo, took us in, gave us a home, and became our father." Suddenly wishing he had a beer to hide the fact that what he was saying made him feel mushy. Even despite the cheesiness it was true, Raphael would never be able to thank their master enough for everything he's done. Even if he did disapprove of him boxing, it still meant the world to him that his father often came to watch him box anyhow.

Don gave a strange look, not quite wanting to ask what was bouncing around in his mind but his scientist side got the better of him "He took you in?"

"He's our adoptive father."

"Again I would never would have guessed you were adopted."

A smirk curled his lips "Ya would if ya met him." Don snorted lightly deciding to look into its meaning later on.

They asked each other questions back and forth for a long time, getting to know each other was much easier than either of them could have hoped. Both turtles were different in not only personality but hobbies and likes. Though they had much in common. They both enjoyed fixing up cars and bikes and they both loved dinosaurs. Finally someone who could help him every once in a while. He wouldn't even mind lending aid to tune up Raphael's motorcycle.

"Wanna dance?" the question caught him off guard and looked up at the amused face grinning down at him.

"I can't dance." chuckling at the very thought of himself on the dance floor. It would look more like a board trying to dance.

The larger turtle just laughed and grabbed his elbow. "Neither can I brainiac."

Before Donatello knew it, they were surrounded by dozens of moving bodies in the center of the dance floor, some new catchy song blasted from the speakers, loud enough he could feel the vibrations travel through his shoes and tickle his toes.

There was just enough room for them to  move around without to much bumping and hopefully no grinding because that’s what dancing seemed to pass off these days.

But Raph ignored everyone around them focusing on him with a lazy grin. "Come on just move back 'in forth it ain't hard ya stiff." teasing the turtle in front of him. He didn't know how to dance either, but wasn't about to let the opportunity pass up to be close to Don.

Huffing at the insult swayed along with the larger turtle inches apart as the music played on, occasionally would slide against one another led to an embarrassed apology by Donatello. Raphael would only laugh and reach out to pull him closer once more.

The song suddenly changed into a slower one, many people scurrying away or pairing off with someone instead. Hesitantly before the fighter could move them back to their spot in the corner of the bar, Don reached up to settle his hands on broad shoulders to keep him in place. With a small smile said "I think I can stay for one more."

Raphael blinked and let his own hands come to a rest at those slim hips as the two swayed along with the music in a slow rhythm. Pressed close, chest to chest, the two let the music move their bodies together without fear off the embarrassing rubbing of skin.

Gazing at one another admiringly even as others around them returned back to the dance floor, the slow song ending. It didn't deter their dance.

"Hello Michelangelo, I was calling as a check in with Raphael and Donatello." The large bartender glanced at the couple.

"I don’t think you need to plan any further, they appear to be working it out on their own." hanging up soon after. There was no need for him to encourage either of the two. Traximus smirked at his friend as he danced with the smaller turtle. He had high hopes for those two.


"I don’t think I can get back on your bike Raph." Don nervously said, the two making their way back outside after their dance, it was almost midnight he realized and needed to get home before Mike got worried he died or was killed by a vampire.

The owner of said vehicle merely laughed at him "You got no choice there Donnie-boy. Unless ya wanna walk home."

"I’m considering it, but I don't really know where we are so it would do little good. Plus you did drink are you sure you're even suited to drive?" he had not been paying attention with his face buried earlier into Raph's shell during the first drive after all. There would be little chance of making it back home.

"Jus' a buzz, takes more than dat ta get me drunk. i'll go slow this time if ya get yer ass on here already." Throwing his leg over the seat and started the engine. It roared to life once more. Tossing the only helmet to his passenger. Who sighed shaking himself for another adventure when a loud squeal startled him as he climbed on behind the boxer.

"Oh my god is that the Nightwatcher!? It is I would recognize that body anywhere!" a few girls leaving the bar pointed in their direction, and scurried toward them.

"Shit." Don heard the boxer say under his breath. Unable to go anywhere till he could back up and pull out, but with a bunch of swooning girls surrounding them; it was really hard to do so.

"It is him! ahhhh! I cant believe it!"

"Will you please sign my chest!? Please! I'm your biggest fan!" a human swarmed near the left side of his bike. "Evenin' ladies, sorry I ain't got time right now." Raph was trying very hard not to snap at his so called fans. He hated the attention he got outside, and inside the ring. He couldn't stand overbearing obsessed fans. Leo was the one the would have a cow if he found out he was rude to fans. Stuff like that spread like wildfire and it would damage his reputation.

"I'll come home with you honey, I'll make a much better passenger than him~" came a purr from a cat to his right. A snarl forming on his face as none of them moved. revving the engine as a warning. Feeling Donnie’s unease behind.

"Who’s this anyway? Wouldn't you rather take us home with you?~ I bet you're just giving him a ride home how sweet." The chatter made Raphael grit his teeth hard not to bark at the bitches to move out of the fucking way before he just ran them over. Turning his head to whisper over his shoulder for Don to put on the  helmet. Who did so with little hesitation.

"I’m totally in love with you! You look so sexy when you fight! I fell for you the first time I saw you! Please stay with us baby~ we're much more entertaining."

The comments about Don was the final straw, he snarled at the group with fiery amber eyes blazing  baring his teeth threateningly. "Well you better get the fuck back up from fallin'! I ain’t inta people like ya, Now get outta my way so I can leave. NOW!" the final growl stunned them back enough for him to pull away. Peeling out of the parking lot with a loud screech of the tires.

The olive turtle yelped and held tight to the driver as they sped off toward what he hoped be his and Mikey's apartment. "S-slow down Raph! They are gone!"praying he listened, if he didn't slow down he swore he would die of hyperventilation.

Luckily the bike slowed to a much better speed. Taking only 10 minutes to make it back, and in no time were pulling into the parking lot.

A breath Donnie didn't realize he had been holding rushed out taking a moment to rest his head against the larger turtles shell to catch his breath.

"Don't ever do that again."

"S'not my fault they wouldn' move."

"But you didn't need to go so fast." Feeling as if he wouldn't pass out, Don removed himself from from the dangerous piece of machinery with the helmet in hand.

"If ya had gotten on like a good turtle we woulda got outta there 'lot slower." Smirking, Raphael stayed put, taking the helmet offered to him.

"Excuse me if I'm not thrilled to climb on after you to put my life in jeopardy, especially after you having a few drinks." playfully swatting at the hand.

Raphael walked him to the apartment door, where Don rubbed at his arm unsure what to say or do. So, he started with thanks.

"Thank you Raphael, I had a lot of fun. I really do appreciate what you said earlier." Ee had not been referring to sorry, but the hug the boxer gave him in comfort. Raph nodded in agreement seeming to be more action than words tonight.

Another short silence followed, but the larger turtle rolled his eyes leaning down to come to eye level with with flustered male. "Get ready for a hundred and ninety pounds a muscle chasin' afta ya." Raph's breath ghosting over Donatello's ear slit as he was pulled against the broad chest in another hug.

The unfamiliar warm fuzzy feeling returned when Don got the courage to respond with what he wanted "If you keep it up you won't be chasing much longer."

"You bet yer ass I wont be." Pulling away with a knowing grin, "Come ta mah next match, tommorrah, I got somethin' I wanna show ya."


"Leo'll drop off the tickets."

"I can't ask you to keep doing that, those are expensive Raph."

"ya don' need ta, I'm givin' 'im ta you two." nudging him gently toward the door with a wink.

"You really are stubborn."

"Got that right."

With that last note, the emerald turtle turned on heel and made his way back down the hallway. The younger was just about to open the door when he heard his name being called.


"Ya bettah start gettin’ used ta compliments!" laughing, Raph finally disappeared down the steps with a wave.

His belly suddenly turned into butterflies at the older males words.

Nudging the door open around 1am, Don flicked on the light to see Mikey sitting legs crossed like a parent waiting for their late child to come home. That was unexpected.

A sudden happy grin was threatening to split his face in two "Tell me everything."

Smiling despite himself, the olive turtle shut the door, and kicked off his shoes, "It's one in the morning, you can wait." Fully intent to crawl into bed and sleep for what he felt could be days.

"No! I can't, I need all the juicy details! At least give me something!" Mikey said whining from over top the couch when Don walked by.

Taking a moment to reflect on tonight’s events to find one in particular to tell his curious friend. It was tempting to give him something boring like, we ate fires.

A sudden devious idea popped into the geniuses mind and his lips curled into a smirk. It wasn't often he came up with a very memorable come back, but this would take the cake. Not to mention drive Mikey crazy till morning.

"Well, let's just say he's one heck of a ride." biting his lips to stop the laughter bubbling in his chest at the shocked and envious look that took over his freckled friends face. He was of course talking about the crazy driving he had dealt with on the bike ride.

But Mikey didn't know that.

"NO YOU DID NOT!! TELL ME EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL!" Donnie quickly shut and locked his bedroom door before Mike could invade and bother him all night. Finally able to laugh even as he got ready for bed. That would fester in his gossip seeking friends mind all night.

Collapsing on his bed amongst the piles of pillows, Don fell asleep with muffled cursing outside the door, and thought of the night dancing around his mind. Though a sting of guilt rose in his throat, he managed to swallow it back down before it plagued his mind.

He was starting to feel much better about seeing Raphael.

A Lesson In Boxing

Summary:Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey black mails him in to going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i dont own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: The Date
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, gayness, Fluffyness, turtlecest
Beta: devnarubutt:

Ch 2:…
Ch. 3: here
Ch.4 part 1:…

alright this was more of a filler C: the REAL plot to this story will start in the next chapter!<3 yippe for fillers, its mostly cuteness it was so much fun to write, especially the last part lemme tell you XD and YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!<3 all your comments really pushed me to write this one so ashdfasdf-<3 i never would have though sooo many people would like this silly fic… this is what donnie said about hugging ;w; i saw this the other day and HAD to put it in here some how<33

check out some fanart for this chapter! A Lesson In Boxing - Dance RXD by Raphael-maniaA Lesson In Boxing - Motobike Ride by Raphael-maniaA Lesson In Boxing - 'Boxing Lesson' by Raphael-mania~Tmnt A Lesson In Boxing - First Date by Dragona15~Kiriban for FrankenPup by xenelle055
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I'm site it'll be worth the wait! :3 I'll be waiting for raphxdon smexiness with my nosebleed bucket by my side. also: *gives you sexy don and raph with cherries* :3
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe than have it ready my friend! : D

aw yisss<3 thank you~
maximum1775 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I will. *smiles evilly* and your welcome :)
AlphaLightBearer Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"...needed to get home before Mike got worried he died or was killed by a vampire."
that is SOOO mikey!

and this: "Well, lets just say hes one heck of a ride", :iconcannotevenplz:
i am soo watching you after that stunt!
this story is AWESOME! building up so slowly, giving the readers cardiopulmonary arrests, and just the whole sticky ball of...GAH! plot, is very captivating.
i'm not much for AU but after reading this...i~ dunno... :D


pleaseupdatesoon! :iconaaahhplz:
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow im glad i could change a bit of you point of view with my story!<3 thats epic XD the best part is the REAL plot hasn't begun yet~ it will all begin in the next chapter these were just for me to get a grasp of how i want to go with this lol DO DIE YET THE FUN HASNT BEGUN YET!

omfg yay you liked it, that was honestly my favorite line for this entire chapter! poor mikeys imagination will forever give him another image ;3

I PLAN TO UPDATE SOON I PROMISE<33 the next one is going to be longgggggggg i think i might have to actually divide it into parts XD wow im terrible
AlphaLightBearer Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YYYYYEEEEAHHHH!!! :iconallrightplz:
 you killin me, the plot hasn't started?! ASDFASDFASDF :iconargplz:
allow me a moment to compose myself ... >ahem<

poor mikey... i empathize. if somebody would do that to me i would be *this* much from breaking through the door

i shall await for the update... huh- even rhymes- LOL
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
he'll get revenge >;3 no one does that to the great Michelangelo and gets away with it! hehehe

its all typed actually, i sent it to my beta earlier today uwu
AlphaLightBearer Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WOOO!!!! :iconiwantitplz: standying-by...
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I. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. THE. NEXT. CHAPTER!!!! This is so freaking AWSOME!!!!!!!
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yay thank you! ill try and update soon :'D
howl99 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AlethiaofAthens Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Everyday I check this to see if you update. Donnie is so adorable and Raph is so cool! *le fangirls* This story makes me squel and yes I have multiple reads. Can't wait for you to update .
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my ;w; wow thank you, im really glad your enjoying it!

i plan to hopefully to update soon uwu its turning out much longer than i intended lol
Grrrrlz Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013


I cant wait for the next chapter :D <3

FrankenPup Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i hope to update soon :'D
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