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A Lesson In Boxing

Summary:Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey blackmails him into going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i don't own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: Get Away
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, gayness, Fluffyness, turtlecest, sexual stuff, phobias

Get Away.

Taking a sharp right, The trio were on their way to LH's little hide out. Being so big, LH usually didn’t have many places to go. There was a deep water canal to the gator to swim in (It’s pretty gross so they tried not to think about it.) and a large opening filled with all sorts of technology made from spare parts and old computers. Donnie often kept his larger scale inventions down here knowing full well nothing will happen to them.. A random rail car sat at the end, still connected to the old tracks that were no longer active. Donatello had been busy trying to clean the area for his little plan to work. Leatherhead usually went with whatever he asked of him, making his life that much easier.

Don was at a spare desk, typing a mile a minute on the small computer, a pair of thick magnifying goggles strapped to his eyes and a pencil was captured between his lips as he typed. From what the three turtles could see, Donnie was also wearing a heavy black apron and thick gloves. Right behind him was a giant alligator sitting right behind him, mumbling something as the turtle typed away.

"Hey Leatherhead! I brought your favorite! Pizza noodle soup." The large reptile and Donatello himself looked over in surprise. "Hello, my friend."

Raph and Leo were not expecting an alligator, in fact the two had never seen one before so seeing someone this massive was freaking scary. Mike and Don might be friends with this giant but that didn't stop the slight unease. Weren’t crocodiles and turtles enemies in the wild?

"Hey guys, I wasn't expecting you to come down here." Donnie despite knowing full well Mikey would bring the brothers down here. He smiled around his pencil, taking it from his lips and took a slurp from a near by soda before getting to his feet. LH though looked at the new guests with narrowed eyes, "Who are you?" a deep gravely voice left the reptiles throat. Calmly patting a scaly, clawed hand, Don smiled up at the crocodile.

"These are our friends we have been telling you about. Raphael and Leonardo, remember?" the narrowed eyes immediately softened when they glanced down at the olive turtle. Realization wrote itself across the larger reptiles face, nodding as he fell back to the floor to sit with a loud thud.

Breathing a sigh of relief they weren't going to have a problem, Donnie waved lightly at the other turtles as they approached. Mikey skipping off to give his special soup to his crocodile buddy. Forgetting for a moment about his goggles, the genius started to speak. "You came just in time."

Raph was having conflicting feelings about Donnie's new attire. Those goggles made his eyes 4 times their normal size and the pencil caught between his lips dangled slightly before olive fingers took it from his lips to talk. The fighter struggled as to why he found it fucking adorkable, and why he was finding it a little sexy.

"Hey there bright eyes." a tiny smirk twitched his lips when he saw olive cheeks color to a soft pink; Getting a tiny wave and dorky smile.

"For what...?" Leonardo interrupted, still looking around nervously at the new surroundings; who wouldn't be a little creeped out, not to mention it smelled terrible and there was a 8 foot something gator several feet away.

"Oh, that's right." motioning them to follow him back to the computer station and past the cooing Michelangelo watching the large reptile eat as he babbled excitedly.

"Well, you said the Shredder worked underground correct? I have taken it upon myself to create a chart displaying the entire sewer system for any kind of hiding places. Leatherhead has been down here long enough to know it like the back of his hand. With his help, we should be able to find Shredder's hiding spot if he is indeed in the sewers." Donnie spoke, humming in a matter of fact tone. It didn’t last long when he faltered in his speech, glancing around hesitantly. He wasn’t ready to let everything happen just yet.

"..That's brilliant." breathed Leo.

Grinning at the surprised faces "Thank you, I thought so myself." spinning on his heel back to his work station "So far I have only processed only a small portion of the sewer's tunnel systems, of course using any maps or diagrams from the city's construction department are a big help. They will allow me to have a copy of each tunnel so using my E.C.H.O, I think I can form a map for us to use!" the brainy turtles babbling chatter in his excitement of the discovery clicking his mouse a few times before standing back to his full height with enthusiasm.

Raph couldn't help but cock a lopsided smirk watching Donnie move back and forth between the computer to a near by project or standing to talk to them with a bright sparkle in his eyes. May he remind you the olive turtle had yet to remove his large magnifying glasses. The utter joy and excitement spilling from the smaller turtle was more than noticeable.

Fucking adorable.

"That's great Donnie, but how are you mapping out the tunnels without actually maneuvering them yourself?" the eldest turtle decided to ignore the large reptile currently snacking on Mikey's so called pizza soup while the younger turtle rocked back and forth on his shell telling him about his day. To instead move over to the bright glowing computer.

Donnie raised a finger as he began to answer, and quickly took a seat, fingers flying over the keys with practiced ease to show his plans. "You see, with Leatherhead's help, and my newest invention, I'll be using a form of echolocation to create a digital map of the tunnels. It allows us to save so much time than actually creating a map ourselves, not to mention the hundreds of hours it will save us than just aimlessly wandering these endless mazes like tunnels." hands gesturing to the near by sewer opening. It’s not the only thing they could use this new map for either.

"Ain't that what bats use 'er somethin'?"

"Precisely! Bats use sound waves which are just moving pattern and fluctuations in air pressure to find out their surrounding which helps them find prey. It’s rather fascinating how they create such-"

"Back ta the main issue 'ere brainiac" Raphael snorted lightly with a soft nudge with his elbow.

"Oh, yes sorry. I am simply capturing this amazing adaption technique to aid your search."

"It sounds simple enough." the eldest nodded his head, taking the simplest of the brainy turtles words to understand just what exactly Donnie had planned.

"Very much so." Donnie chirped, getting up to walk to one of his work stations. "This will be the device aiding your search! I call it E.C.H.O or simply echo for short, it stands for Echo Cartographic Hypsometry Orthophotomap, it sends out high blasts of sound waves and will bounce off the sewer tunnels and create a map on it’s own as the sound waves return on this screen." tapping the small glass screen with pride. He had taken a lot of time to create this little beauty and he was more than proud to be able to finally put it to some use.

It broke his heart to see the siblings so lost without their father. He couldn’t just sit by and do nothing, so being up since 3 am, that including comforting Raphael, had been working non-stop running on nothing but coffee, not to mention his already sleep deprived brain after Raphael's moment earlier that morning. Basically running on 4 to 5 hours of sleep and after their fun filled day just before the exhaustion. He even injured his fingers in his welding but it was all worth it to at least show the brothers some hope. He was sure to send his job new plans, he needed more time. It was too soon to set everything into motion.

He could rest when they were safe, Don didn’t know how long it would take, but he was going to be sure to help the small family.

Raphael’s broad shoulders straightened with a blank gaze, arms crossing "All I got was it's a map maker."

"Without the explanation and scientific facts, basically yes, but you're butchering my entire explanation." shrugging, Raph raised a brow "We ain't geniuses Donnie-boy, I can't even pronounce half the stuff ya just said."

Auburn eyes rolled "Whatever, now we are going to need some time. Luckily LH has offered to watch over the systems and check the units while we're gone. He will alert us if he finds anyone or anything suspicious snooping around or anything comes up on the E.C.H.O." glancing at the still distracted reptile before typing a few codes into the now programmed piece of technology. It vaguely looked like an old school game boy, only with several extra pieces sticking out this way and that.

"The only real problem is that it can only send a signal a few miles, no where near enough distance to cover the entire system. It will be nearly impossible to cover all of it but it’s not enough to determine whether or not Saki is down here or not." chewing on his lower lips in his thoughts, he knew there was no other place someone with that much power could be hiding without getting caught by now. He lamely tinkered with the device in hand as the brothers glanced at one another.

Donnie swallowed again, putting on a surprised face "Ah! I know! My old radios! I could convert it to carry the sound waves ECHO produces instead of picking them up-" his scientist side made an appearance as he went on about his plans. Don went to a shelf stacked to the rim with boxes, scrap parts and other random pieces of metal. The olive turtle reached for an old box on the top shelf. "Darn, Raph could you-" he was interrupted before he could even finish his sentence, LH was behind him and the box was in his large webbed claws, offering the small box to the olive turtle with a wag of his long tail.

"Thank you, now, it should only take me a few minutes to reverse the radios actual purpose. Possibly longer considering its old age but I think I'm more than capable of completing the task. I'm even debating timing myself this time, how about that? Beating-" and there he went again babbling in his own little world, whether he was talking to them or himself was the biggest mystery.

Leonardo decided it would be polite to at least say hello to the other mutant. They were in his 'home' after all and no matter how bad the smell was or how awful his stomach churned, there was no denying manners. Raphael however made himself comfortable in an old worn chair near the shelf, looking to have no intention of saying hello.

Stepping around to be in the gators vision, along with Mikey's, Leo smiled "I don't believe we have been properly introduced, it only seemed right, my name’s Leonardo." resisting to hold out his hand for a shake. By the looks of those claws he would very much like to keep his hand, or his arm. Though with the reptile sitting rather than standing to his full height was just a little more comforting.

Mikey laughed at him, jumping to the eldest side "See?! Isn't he handsome!" pressing a quick peck to the turtle cheeks causing a soft flush to blossom across Leo's beak at the sudden display in front of someone he didn't know.

Slurping a bit of soup, LH answered "You are Leonardo, my friends have told me a lot about you, Especially about you." Mikey suddenly blushed and pulled away from his boyfriend with a hurt look, arms flailing wildly at his close friend "What the heck man!? That's so against the bro code LH! You're not supposed to tell him that~" whining dramatically, making Leo smile.

The boxer on the other hand simply hardened his look at the gator as the three conversed. He had nothing on the reptile but that didn't mean he liked him. Anything or anyone bigger than himself was always under a threat category until proven otherwise. The fact he went to aide Donnie to get the box after he specifically asked for HIS help made him mad he couldn't sneak a teasing touch in. Something didn’t sit right with the larger mutant, Leatherhead sent off alarm bells in his mind.

He vaguely wondered if Leatherhead had some kind of crush on his Donnie-boy, that only made him do one thing.

Assert himself.

"Since when is Don so talkative?" having moved toward the small group as Donnie fiddled away with his soon to be new toy, he sniffed and crossed his arms.

"He gets like that after he's had a lot of coffee." grinning, Mike stole his own quick slurp of the soup, licking his lips "Its pretty funny too, I think he's been up since early this morning, if he went to bed at all." snorting at his friends weird habits.

Stiffening, the emerald turtle shifted, memories of his drunken state flashed behind his eyes of his episode. Shit "That so?"

"Donnie's like a busy bee, he'll work and work till he literally passes out on his desk or just kinda falls over. He's always working on more than one project at a time and it’s really cool to watch at first but then it just gets boring after awhile."

"If you listen you will see it's all very interesting." Leatherhead's deep hissing voice grumbled in, he really didn't have a choice to not watch the smaller turtle work. He allowed Donatello to keep his inventions, and most of his work space down here due to the shared apartment being way too small for him. Donnie had his little projects in other places too, however at the moment he wasn’t allowed to have access to them. Of course LH didn't mind, he was always very careful not to hit any of the shelves of other wise fragile belongings, in fact he took very good care of it not wanting to see the olive turtle upset if he were to accidentally break something.

"As interesting as a frog on a log dude, it's all science this and statistics that, I'm surprised he isn't like this all the time!"

"I think it’s kinda cute, nevah seen him so excited fer some junk and wires." chuckling as he glanced off at the olive turtle. Looks like they were the gossip crew behind Donatello's back. He smirked watching the brainy turtle jump slightly in his discovery, maybe even a breakthrough in his tinkering. Donnie’s little tail wagged and wiggled in his new found joy.

Mikey sudden leaned in, palm to his lips so his voice was hushed "Between you and me, I think D-man would get off to something more mechanical than fleshy." giggling as he pulled away, Leonardo gave a slight nudge into the freckled turtles side to be nice.

Oooh~ that had to be challenge.

Eyes once more flickering to Donnie, smirking evilly at just the thought of last night of their little time in the alley. "I wonldn' say that."

Mikey's face was priceless, twisting up in surprise, curiosity, and confusion all at the same time.

" 'M his boyfriend ya goofball, 'm supposed ta know this stuff." his eyes immediately snapped to Leatherhead, eyes meeting for only a moment but it was enough to get his answer.

Either that giant did have a little crush on Donnie, or he was just very protective of his friends.

"I've done it!" the groups attention was snapped back to the now grinning turtle "I need to pick up some more radios but for now four should be enough." scribbling something down on a notepad, gathering up his inventions, and removed his gloves and apron, only to keep his goggles atop his head by pushing them upward.

"If we split up we can place them much faster, that is if you all don't mind." sheepishly having to remind himself that Raphael and Leonardo may not want to go adventuring through a sewer.

"If it gets me outta here fastah." the smell was really starting to get to the boxer. The others nodded in affirmation.

"Great, thanks guys we can go once I sent everything up I promise, Mikey you take Leo down the east tunnel and Raph you can come with me to place the West and North tunnel Radios. Leatherhead, you can take the south tunnel." Don didn't want to send either of the siblings off by themselves or risk getting lost. He, Mikey, and LH are down here so often it was a piece of cake to find their way back, they knew every nook and cranny. They could act like tour guides.

After instructing everyone on what to do with the radios after they find a nice dry place to connect the signal; They all split up to go down their respective tunnel. LH only got stuck with the south one because none of them really wanted to swim down that one.


Duffel bag slung over his shoulder, Donnie trekked down the north tunnel first with Raphael by his side. Using a flashlight just in case the darkness became a problem.

"Glad i'm wearin' boots..." Raph grumbled.

Smiling slightly responded "It could be worse."

"How the hell could it be worse."

"When it rains the water levels are much higher, we would basically be waist deep right now."

In no time at all had placed the radios in little notches in the tunnels to avoid water, and were working on the last one down the west sewer system before they could head back. Well Donatello was working at least. Raph stood near by, casually leaning against the curved walls as he watched the olive turtle tinker away. His goggles were flipped back down over his eyes as he adjusted the small gears and buttons decorating the device in his hands, the flashlight was jammed into his mouth as a light source to see as his hands worked. Trying to balance his shoulder bag and his invention all at the same time.

It was hilarious to watch.

Taking his chance, the fighter pushed away from the wall, and invaded Donnie's personal space to watch his meddling. Donnie didn't seem to mind, and if he did, he said nothing about it.

Raphael swallowed, the uncertainty settling in his belly made him queasy. Only now that he and Donnie were alone did last nights events finally hit him full swing. Cringing at the very thought of actually shedding a tear with the olive turtle present. His mind was still fuzzy on the nights events but he knew for sure he ended up showing weakness. Why did he think it was a good idea to try and drown his worries where anyone could stumble upon his wallowing? Bringing it up was even worse now that he was in control and thinking clearly without the buzz of alcohol flowing through his veins. Clearing his throat awkwardly, Raph tried to find the right words "So bright eyes, 'bout las' night..." scratching the back of his head in his attempt to distract himself, suddenly felt his confidence dissolve when large, magnified auburn eyes turned up in his direction.

"Are you really trying to apologize? You don't have anything to be sorry for."

Shock crossed the elder turtle's features but it was wiped away with a curl of his lips. "Apologize ain't the word i'd use..."

"No matter, I'm just happy I could ease some of your struggles." Don spoke kindly, flashing a happy smile before shyly flipping a switch, his radio coming to life with a ding. Settling it down in a crevasse in the wall.

"Jus' wanted ta say thanks I guess, ya know, fer not recordin' it."

Donnie gave him the strangest look. "Why on earth would I do such a thing? It’s obvious you're uncomfortable with that moment that you believe to be humiliation. Getting upset over a natural human emotion is illogical."

"Ya sound a lot smarter when yer high on coffee."

"I don't think caffeine is considered a form of drug."

Grinning, Raph gave the smaller turtle a halfhearted noogie. Playfully shoving the boxer away, Don pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.

"But I swear ta god if ya tell anyone ill fuck yer shit up Donnie-boy."

Rolling brown eyes at the others words "You don't have to worry Raphie, I'm more than capable of keeping secrets. I still have dozens of my own."


"Bye Leatherhead!" the youngest turtle chimed giving a big hug to his favorite gator bro. After everything was set and done, the turtles were just about to head back up to the surface and out of the sewer. Donatello was doing last minute adjustments and using his phone to connect to E.C.H.O. in case anything was found, or when the map was done processing.

"Alright, it’s all set, just keep an eye out while you're down here ok? Any information at all will be greatly appreciated." finally removing his goggles and the rest of his safety equipment, Donatello turned back to LH with a nervous smile. "We'll be back soon, hopefully after I figure out what to do." waving, Don turned and left, Raph lazily wrapping an arm around the olive turtle as they headed out. Giving one last glance back at the alligator before the group disappeared around the corner.

Hissing softly, Leatherhead watched the olive turtle disappear under the arm of the 'oh so famous' Nightwatcher. This was going farther than he originally thought. Donnie was always the soft hearted one. But the large gator never imagined Don would be stuck in a relationship like this.


Leonardo's plan consisted of them getting away from the city long enough for Shredder to stop looking for them. Raphael had thrown another fit over the idea but this time Donnie was able to calm him before he could stomp off again. The eldest turtle's reasoning was relevant, if you wanted to get rid of the entire family, the Shredder would keep Splinter alive until he told where Leo and Raph were hiding. Find the home and they have no where left to run. As much as it hurt to leave. Don promised Raph he would get Splinter back, safe and sound.

Of course Don and Mikey tried to argue and stay put, they needed to. They had friends and responsibilities here. They couldn’t just get up and leave. Their jobs depended on staying in the city. However Leo seemed to be in no room to budge on the matter. Mkey even got pissed off not being able to get Leo to stay.

Donnie still intended to keep his promise Raphael, so if Leo wanted to leave the city for a short time, then he would follow suit.

For now, he would go along with it all, if they stayed in the city it would surely be the easiest thing to do. The best idea was to either stay with LH for a few weeks, or try and find a new location until Leo’s little hiding away plan was done. Despite the desperate twist of his heart of just wanting to find Splinter and end all this pain, they would have to rely on their friends to watch and investigate. If Leo and Raph were somehow captured, there would be no chance of getting the beloved father back. Everything would fall apart, and there would be no chance in saving them.

That wasn't a risk Donatello was willing to take.

April and Casey had already been on high alert ever since the first sighting, when they explained their special situation, they offered the keys to a farm house hours away from the big city. Raphael seemed to be the only one of the group who knew its location. Which was strange that neither Leo nor the best friends ever know about the supposed old farm house.

Apparently he and Casey use it as a get away when the suffocation of the city got to their heads.

Besides the fact that they were in danger,Master Splinter was indeed missing and they could do nothing more than go far away to ensure his safety and life, getting away from the big city would be like a vacation. A brief amount of time Don could spend and remember what life was before his punishing job.

With the aching worry of the beloved father and his obsession of needing to perform his job, Donnie had to bring along his computer and headset.It should be a piece of cake to check in with his job while they were away. Keep himself updated too.

Here they were, all packed for up to 2 weeks away from home. That short amount of time should be enough time for Leo to realize no matter where they hide, Shredder would somehow find them. Shredder was a powerful man, when he wanted something, he wasted no expense trying to get it. At least, thats what he’s been told.

Raph had a duffel bag of equipment in the back of his truck, Don was still trying to figure out why. Maybe he wanted to train those two weeks.

Donatello tried not to think about it, he instead tried to focus on the positives of this little trip. On the bright side it would be a lovely opportunity to study and observe nature plant life, you don't get to see much here in the city besides central park. With the simple trees it still didn't give you the feel of serenity like a real wooded area. The fact that he had never left the city, he couldn't wait to actually be able to experience nature for the first time. Not to mention this entire new experience will be like a little vacation. It would be a great opportunity to see how living with Raphael would work out, they would all be cooped up in the same house living in rather close proximity and it was always good to figure that out before moving in with someone.

Not that he was thinking about that of course.

It was better than thinking how he was leaving his few friends behind without a word, and leaving the city to ensure Master Splinter's safety, being so far away seemed like the worst thing they could possibly do now. Leaving April, Casey and Leatherhead.

But he had to stay on the positive side.

Along side himself were Mikey and his own bags, Don snuck his headset and laptop to keep in touch even while away from home. Mikey was seriously going to throw a fit if he finds out but oh well. Hopefully they packed enough for at least 2 weeks.

He would love to point out that Raph, at some point, got one of those novelty 'I heart nerd' stickers plastered to the back of the red truck.

Besides the fact they were piled into the boxer's truck once more, the red bearing turtle seemed more than set on taking his motorcycle. The offer of riding with him instead of the truck was denied more than five times. There was no way in hell Donatello was getting back on that death trap for such a long ride out of the city.

Leaving Leo to drive and Mikey as the passenger, the only problem was the fact when Donnie denied riding with the darker skinned turtle. He had to ride in the bed of the truck instead of the safe, and secure back seat. All under the assumption of hold the more fragile items when they hit the bumpy dirt roads. They of course had to bring Klunk and Spike with them and apparently they got the backseat instead of him.

Of course, he couldn't for one day not have a panic attack.

Having secured himself using all the bags loaded into the bed, latched onto the corner as Leo drove out of the city. Raphael trailed behind on his shell cycle as he called it, revving its engine for the whole world to hear, giving him flirty grins and performing little stunts every once in a while.

That was his plan was it? Raph wanted to show off by popping wheelies. It was more like giving the poor olive turtle a heart attack.

Hours later they hit dirt, soon finding the old farm house, a very secluded spot off the main road. Boy was it more than a relief to finally stand and stretch his legs, that and his butt was sore from all the bumps.

"Sheesh, doesn't look like anyones been 'ere in years." grunting, Raphael parked his motorcycle off to the side.

"It’s more of a vacation house for April and Casey, they're not going to be up here all the time." Leo answered like the know it all he is.

"Why don' ya stop bein' a smart ass an' start unloadin' the truck."

The eldest unlatched the back of the bed to allow Donnie down, only to whine softly and rub his abused butt. "I cannot begin to describe how my butt is feeling right now." earning himself a low snort of a laugh from Raph and a playful swat on the ass.

"What was that for!?" Donnie squeaked, cheeks flushing at the harmless swat.

"Wanted ta see if ya could still feel that ass 'o yers."

"I have a feeling that's not the only reason."

"Tch, yer the one that says ya gotta test ta find an answer, mah hand just completed the test fer me. And guess what? Ya passed."

Donnie blinked, only to break out into a dorky laugh the next second, laughing harder than Raphael expected him to for such a stupid joke. The giggling turtle simply tried to calm his shaking sides with a hand on a broad shoulder. Emerald lips curled upward watching the giggling turtle take a few deep breaths to calm himself from his fit.

The realization of his laughter made the olive turtles cheeks burn darkly "That really should not have been so funny..." his sense of humor must be extraordinarily different if he had been the only one laughing, especially so intensely.

"Jeez Donnie you really are a nerd, that was such a bad joke" Mikey piped in with a stupid grin. "You gotta learn to laugh at actual funny stuff, like my jokes!" rolling his eyes "Your jokes consist of bad word play, I think something with a bit of scientific humor is much more appealing." but his words didn't seem to get through that thick skull, merely bouncing off like a rubber ball.

"I call sitting in the back next time!" jumping happily, Mikey called "It looked like fun! Especially that bouncing around." laughing loudly when Leo grinned.

"I assure you it wasn't, no to mention dan-"

"Yeah yeah danger, dying, seat belts, cabbages and all that jazz, whatever Donnie! Come on I wanna look inside!" the smallest turtle merely sped off to the porch after snatching the keys from Leo’s hand. Klunk following close after his master. The freckled turtle was inside before anyone could question his strange choice of words.

Following after the other turtle, Donatello entered the old home, dust lined everything in a thin sheet, cobwebs lingering here and there. Occasionally a spider would scurry away as they stepped deeper into the nearly abandoned house. A quick cleaning would surely be in order if Donnie planned to stay here another second. Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, the whole 9 yards.

"This place is awesome, how come April never told us about this place before!" the youngest was happily exploring the depths of the dusty living room.

"Well, it's definitely in need of a cleaning" Leo spoke, Don merely bobbed his head in agreement.

A horrified face crossed the freckled turtles face at the thought of cleaning, "No way! This place is fine~ I mean a little dust never hurt anyone!" as if to prove his point plopped down on the couch, a cloud of dust and dirt puffed into the air at the action. Mikey coughed slightly as the contaminated air filled his lungs "Gah! I'm dyingggg!~" dramatically sliding to the floor in wait of rescue. Of course no other turtle made a move toward the still dusty air floating just above Mike. Klunk sneezed right in his master face at the dust cloud. "Eww! I am so not your tissue!"

Raphael wandered around, being the only one who had been here on more than one occasion, seemed. He wandered over to pop the windows open to allow natural light inside, also to prepare for the amount of dust that would soon fill the air.

"I say we get out stuff and dump it in the back till we get this place clean, no way i'm sleepin' in a dust cloud." waving a hand as emphasis to the Mikey formed dust cloud still lingering over the younger turtle who still sat lazily on the floor.

An hour or two later, their belongings were sorted into the appropriate rooms, the dust had been cleared, spiders either squashed or set free by Donatello, everything polished thanks to the OCD-ness of said brainy turtle, Spike free to roam around on the floor after making sure he couldn't get out, and food packed safely into the fridge. All set up in quite a nice amount of time. Most of it being done by Leo and Don as Raph and Mike often goofed off or snuck away to do something else.

Now happy he wasn't breathing in old skin flakes or whatever else could possibly be lingering in the dust, Don happily curled into the corner of the couch to read. His boyfriend had just went to the kitchen to get a snack. There was nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book, but when you could also snuggle up under a thick bulging muscular arm, not to mention the warm body attached to it, who could beat just a good book?

In the kitchen, the largest turtle was busy making himself a sandwich and grabbing a soda to finish watching the football game. Leo was busy mediating out on the porch while Mikey had cooped himself in the back room to play video games. The squirt nearly brought every game he owned, it was still a question if he even brought clothes. But he could care less, Donnie and he got the living room to themselves and he was seriously enjoying the simple time more than he should be. Since Splinter disappeared he really didn't let the olive turtle wander to far away.

He isn't one for showing emotions, in fact he would instead use his anger to hide what he was really feeling or run off to take it all out on Casey in a 'friendly' fight or find some thugs causing mischief. Ever since he was a kid that's how it worked, he would run off and beat whatever he was feeling out of his system. There was nothing more embarrassing to show any 'weakness'. He grew up with discipline before he was thrown into the orphanage at the age of 6. The emerald turtle didn't remember too much from his childhood, but his so called dick of a caretaker (he refused to address his real father as a father of any kind) beat him if he ever so much as smiled, apparently its only for fags to act like a pussy, or cry or show any other emotion besides anger. Yet here he was today, despite not having that pressure of keeping a straight face and brushing off like a 'man', it still ate at his insides his adoptive was missing. Leo always called him the most emotional person he knew, as much as it pissed him off to admit his elder brother was right about anything, It might be true.

Not to mention how ironic it all turned out. If anyone called him a faggot they were going to have a fist down their throat.

Turning on his heel, sandwich in hand, Raph headed for the entree way only to jerk back violently when something scurried across the floor "What the shit is that...!?" nearly shrieking when it reappeared from under the kitchen chair "A cockroach!?! A fuckin' cockroach!!"

Donnie blissfully turned the next page at the comfortable silence of no Mikey pestering him or his obnoxious noises. It was so much more relaxing with simply the television as a background noise. His peaceful moment was interrupted by shouts from the kitchen and loud bangs of metal echoed. Dashing up to find Raphael plastered onto the corner of the counter, watching as the larger turtle chucked a metal pan at the table leg.

"What in the world are you doing?!" wincing at the loud clang of metal hitting everything but its desired mark.

"Donnie it’s a god damn cockroach." Raph shouted,  hissing as he clambered up to sit on the counter and have his legs off the floor where the nasty little fucker was crawling around under the table 4 feet away.

"So you threw a frying pan at it?!"

"Yes! Now squash that fucker!"

Confusion etched to his face at such a dramatic reaction, taking a quick peek under the table, eyes immediately finding the small insect scurrying out to examine the dropped sandwich the boxer dropped in his array of panic.

You mean kill it? Do you realize how difficult it is to actually kill a cockroach? They have the ability to survive a nucle-"

"Now's not the time fer yer science babble Donnie! Kill it so I can get down from here or I swear to fucking god-." leaving his words hanging despite the hissing desperation. Preparing another pan to throw if need be.

Huffing at the rather rude demand, the brainy turtle used a magazine to herd the insect in an attempt to save its life before it was splattered by a cooking pan.

"Instead of killing if for no reason, i'll just release it outside, how’s that?" uncaring for the others answer he turned and went outside to release the insect back into nature. Passing Leonardo as he went. "Why did it have to be a cockroach..." Raph grumbled.

"Was that a cockroach?"

"Yes, it might as well of been 5 feet tall for Raph's reaction." using a hand to stifle the laugh bubbling in his throat.

"He has a phobia of cockroaches you know."

Only then did it finally click into place in his brain "Oh...Well that explains a lot.."

"I'm guessing you didn't know?" the leaf green turtle asked still sitting comfortably cross legged in a relaxing position before Don hand interrupted his peace and quiet.

"No, I wish I had or I would have gotten it out of there faster..." guilt washing over him.

"Don't worry about it, Raph's a big boy and can face his phobia whether he wants to or not." easily going back into his mediation position.

"I'll let you get back to your meditation, I think Mikey might come out soon looking for attention so be prepared for anything." jokingly saying as he bid farewell to allow the eldest turtle to continue his meditation. Upon returning inside from the slightly humid outside found Raph angrily sprawled out in the couch in his previous position. Grumpily glaring at the TV as he watched the game. Only for his attention to snap to Don when he heard him come back in. Eyeing the magazine still suspiciouslyin hand.

"Calm down, I let it go outside." Don could visibly watch the other relax into the couch, "You never told me you were afraid of cockroaches." resisting the urge to smile at the thought of big bad Raphael being afraid of a harmless insect.

A sharp glare was shot in his direction "I ain't 'fraid." as if it was obvious, he grunted in disapproval at his comment but moved slightly when Donnie settled back into his spot. Close to his side, arm instinctively wrapping around the back of the couch behind Don’s head.

Large auburn eyes blinked up at the fighter from the corner of his eye, Raph honly grumbled because he knew exactly what Donnie was trying to do. The soft cheek resting on his shoulder made his resolve shrivel up. He was still pissed for no real good reason, and Donnie knew that. The cuddly turtle at his side was quickly unwrapping him like a Christmas present.

"Will it make you feel better if I tell you something i'm afraid of?"

Another solid grunt was his answer.

"I'll take that as a yes, well i'm afraid of a few things, like guns." a tremble shook his body at just the word, he was much more of a pacifist than anything else. A weapon of such power to end someone's life with a single bullet made his entire body tremble. No one should be able to end anothers life like that. You gain a fear of things after a horrible experience, this was no different.

Raph gave him a little glance so he continued. "I'm also afraid of those cardboard cut outs you see in music stores, please don't ask me why it’s a long story." Raph gave him the weirdest look with a curl of his lips but stayed quiet. Donnie began letting his hands wander absentmindedly as he thought of his fears, but he thought one more should be sufficient. His biggest fear.

"But my biggest fear is losing those closest to me, that and not being able to actually help them. I hate feeling useless, that's part of the reason I started to invent things. Of course that's not the only reason but it helps beat off the feeling." letting his fingers brush over the scarred yellow plastron as he spoke quietly. “There is no worse feeling than loneliness, lots of times I have to remind myself the choices I make will determine if I stay that way.”

Staring down at the olive turtle with surprise, Raph watched him lazily drawing patterns on his chest as he kept his eyes downcast. Why Raph wasn't sure, but it sure as hell was depressing to see the usually content turtle look so down. His last fear was something Raphael could relate to more than Don would ever know. The thought of losing his family, Donnie or hell even Mikey would be like a stab to the heart. Really, if you were to wake up one day and everyone you ever cared about were just gone, how would you feel?

He knew exactly how it felt, since Splinters disappearance; it felt like a part of him had died inside.

"Hn, we got the same fear there Donnie boy." murmuring quietly into the others ear so no one would hear him admit to having an actual fear. Cockroaches were one thing but losing your family was another.

Snorting softly Don flushed at the hot breath tickling his cheeks, pressing a soft kiss to the elder turtles cheek. The older turtle Moved with the encouragement Donnie gave him, pressed their beaks together in a simple, sweet kiss. Pecking the smaller turtles lips when they pulled away, "Get a room you two!" laughing playfully, Mikey poked and teased the two cuddling turtles on the couch in his venture to drag Leo inside. Only to end up finding Donnie and Raph caught in a lip lock.

"Seem ta be enjoyin' the show knucklehead, go bother Leo er somethin'." swinging his arm back over the couch, he grumbled and glared at the grinning smaller turtle from where he stood by the front door.

"Great idea Raph!" chiming once again, Mikey skipped out the door to bother his boyfriend, who was still meditating.

Feeling embarrassed they had been caught, let alone teased for it, Donatello untangled himself from the boxers hold to head to the bedroom. The house was big, four bedrooms and 2 baths was going to be such a nice accommodation. Of course he wouldn't mind if Raphael would visit him in his own designated room. He knew for a fact Mikey had followed Leo into his room and would probably be staying there for these next few weeks. Donnie's only reason for choosing a room separate from his own boyfriend's was because he secretly wanted to work on help the brothers. Mikey especially couldn’t find out about his plans.

"I think unpacking would be sufficient, don't goof off all day." warning the larger turtle halfheartedly as he left him alone to watch the football game.

Well that ended, Raphael mumbled curses under his breath while he went back to watching the game even as his older brother and that squirt came back inside, heading to the bedrooms as well to play video games. Leaving the darker skinned reptile all by himself. "Guess it's jus' you and me buddy." looking over at Spike who munched on his leaf in agreement.

Merely hours later, the TV was no longer interesting to the boxer, the game was off and nothing on daytime television was worth his time. Heading to the kitchen once more with a critical look in all the dark corners for any other visitors made a beeline for the fridge.

"Hey babe! Where'd ya put the beer?" angrily sorting through the fridge unable to find his precious alcohol. He just knew Donnie had something to do with it because he was trying to get him to stop smoking. The olive turtle refused to be anywhere near him if he just smoked a cigarette, even refused to kiss him. Raph knew Donnie didn't like him drinking too much but he liked a beer every once in awhile. Not being able to find his precious amber liquid was way too far.

"Ya bettah not have anythin' ta do wit this 'er so help me..." heading for the bedrooms, about to yank the old wooden door open when Don's voice filtered through. Eyebrows furrowing at who he could be talking too ,opened the door as quietly as possible; a loud creak of the wood giving him away. Though with the bulky headphones secured over his ears he didn't seem to hear it.

"N-no, I'm not playing hard to get. I'm telling you, sir, it's not that kind of phone line! I'm just Donnie, your friendly IT tech support here to help you 24-hours a day, sir. W-well I'm flattered you like my voice but this is not the kind of thing you're looking for." the muffled voice of the so called customer on the other line trying to coax the young turtle into phone sex. Don was shifting awkwardly in the desk chair he stared at his laptop and fidgeted with the buttons.

"Sir, for the last time i'm not that kind of phone line! I can't hang up on a customer so you need to realize you have the wrong number and try again with a different number." nearly groaning in annoyance and embarrassment when the man refused to believe him and murmur dirty things that only echoed through his head set. “Please desist, I am trying to speak with my boss. I have new information for him, so please give hang up the phone. I still do not know how you got this number.”

Raph on the other hand got what was going on, and growled at the flustered Donnie sitting at his desk still talking with this asshole. So, he took the initiative to swoop in and save the brainy turtle. Instead he came up behind him, and pressed their lips together in a surprised kiss. The small resistance the on duty turtle gave was pathetic and only pressed a passionate kiss long enough to stun the younger turtle. Plucking the large head phones and microphone, ignoring the shocked squeak the brainiac choked on.

" Aye, this is yer not so friendly angry boyfriend of dat little Donnie yer harssin', now why don't cha shut yer god damn yap and go hump a tree. He ain't listen' ta yer mouth so have an absolutely terrible fuckerific day."

And with that, Raphael hit the end call button, raising a challenging brow down at the wide eyed and jaw dropped Don. "Did you just..? Yo-you-??"

A wide grin spread emerald lips as an answer.

Shaking his head, Donnie desperatly scrubbed a three fingered hand over his face "Raph i'm not supposed to hang up, you're gonna get me in trouble." if he lost this awful job he wasn’t sure what he would do. This was the only job he ever really had besides his short time in a hospital. He would be out in the streets again.

A scowl suddenly darkened the boxers face "Are ya kiddin'? He had the wrong number ya don' need ta deal with that pervert." how in the world was he getting in trouble?

"It doesn't matter I'm not supposed to, no matter what, as much as I hate the rule its one of most important." sighing heavily and leaned back in the old chair. “My-my boss records everything that goes on with this special computer. It’s the only way I can stay in touch with him without having to truck myself to his- uh office.” the olive turtle shifted nervously.

"Jus' blame me then." grunting angerly that he may have gotten Don in trouble. "I was only trying ta help'm not gonna let the ass talk ta ya like that....'S my job." folding his bulging arms over his clothed chest as he cursed that man inside his head with words only a sailor would know.

Unable to stay mad for very long was always one of his weaknesses, seeing Raphael genuinely look sorry or upset could keep up his fear of getting in trouble. It was his first time breaking that rule now that he thought about it, Donnie was one of the best workers when it came to the specific line of work. He started to doubt he would get in trouble over this first offense little slip up. At least that’s what he forced himself to believe "You were only trying to help don't pout over this, next time just let me handle it." patting a strong bicep from his sitting position in a comforting manner.

Yellow eyes snapped to him almost immediately "I ain’t poutin', i'm pissed." rolling brown eyes stood from the chair after signing out for the day. Raph so did pout.

"Why the hell do ya got this with ya anyway?"

"So I can keep in touch with my boss away from home."


"...It will just keep my mind off certain things." shrugging a shoulder, technically it wasn’t a lie.


Tongue poking out in concentration, Mikey twisted his controller believing it will help him turn harder. Leo watched the screen in concentration, fingers moving rapidly over the buttons much simpler than Mikey's quick button mashing.

Apparently Mario kart was a very serious matter.

A orange yoshi character sped toward the finish line in first place, Mikey was already cheering and already claiming victor. When suddenly a blue shell came up from behind, ramming the orange yoshi from behind and stunning him feet away from the finish. Donkey Kong came speeding past to place first while Mikey finally got control back to finish second.

A wide smirk was playing on Leonardo's face, he won fair and square using a rare blue shell to gain some ground. The best part was the little victory praise the youngest turtle cheered before he even placed first.

The gaping 'o' that formed Mike's face made him laugh "Looks like I win."

"Duuddeee so not fair!" whining unhappily he was beat at one of his favorite games.

"No need to be a party pooper, you won 4 other times it was only a matter of time I get the hang of these controls."

"10 out of 6...?"

"I think i'm done playing these games."

"Aw shucks." happily sliding up to the eldest turtles side, grateful someone didn't put up much of a fight to play a simple video game with him.

"I'm surprised I made it through 5 rounds with all your gloating." Leo teased.

"When you're the Battle Nexus champion you have a right to gloat!" laughing.

"Not before you win you don't."

"I was so close! Then you sent that stupid blue shell. There's so much irony in that bro, shot down by the one thing i'm stuck with the rest of my life."

"You did pick a character with a shell."

"Duh! If you're hating on yoshi we're soooo gonna have a problem. I think orange yoshi is evil anyway. I don’t trust the look in his eyes" Mikey warned playfully as he pulled away enough to look up at the larger turtle.

Sending a challenging look, Leo responded "I figured you would have chose bowser, he has a shell too. If you’re looking for an evil character that was the obvious choice."

"He's a villain! He’s too obvious, you would never suspect little orange yoshi to pounce from the shadows and strike!"

"Yoshi’s a good guy, why would you think he’s secretly evil?"

"I didn't see you choosing bowser, instead you chose a giant monkey. Not that Donkey Kongs bad hes would make the best king kong ever." Mikey dismissed Leos question with his own.

"Touche, but why Yoshi? I'm not even sure what he is. Is he a turtle or some kind of freaky dinosaur? Last time I checked turtles and dinosaurs don't really mix." shrugging his shoulder nonchalantly.

The younger turtle gasped like he was hit across the face."Did you just insult my baby?!" frowning slightly Leo tilted his head only to repeat his words "What? I just asked if he was a turtle or a freaky dinosaur."

"Oh no you didn't!" a high pitched battle cry ripping from the orange wearing turtle's throat as he jumped onto the elder turtle to tackle him to the floor for indirectly insulting one of his favorite characters of all time. Only to end up sitting on the leaf green turtles chest victoriously, pinching the other turtle cheeks and tugging lightly to get his revenge. "Now take it back or I'll eat your face boy!" giggling under his breath at the face Leo made.

Scowling up at the freckled turtle, grabbed hold of his wrists to tug his hands away. It would be far too easy to just give up, Leo decided to play along before Mike could catch on.

"Never." smiling lightly nuzzled the inner thigh affectionately and conveniently placed close to his face.

Crying out in surprise, Mikey stared down at Leo, recalling his own words and letting himself giggle. He didn't say exactly how he was going to eat his face.

Wiggling his hips downward, the freckled turtle finally kissed Leonardo, a quick make out session commencing while Mikey let his tongue meet Leos, a shudder running up his spine. Hands started to roam teasingly, lingering on previously found sensitive spots. Mikey ended the kiss to pant for breath, the turtle under him seeming to not give up so easily and let his lips drag to the sensitive and freckled skin of Mikey's neck. A soft moan rumbled in the younger turtles chest at the soft kisses and roaming hands simultaneously. Whining when he pulled away with one final nip.

The two sat in silence to catch their breaths from their short intimate moment and calm their frantic heart beats. Both beating heavily against the couples chest, and it wasn't all there lost breath.

A soft meow got their attention as Klunk was sitting there, watching their every move.

A Lesson In Boxing

Summary:Donnie thinks boxing is nothing more than two men trying to beat each other unconscious, but when the Mikey blackmails him into going to a boxing match to watch the famous Nightwatcher, He might learn a thing or two in the league of boxing, and maybe even other things along the way
Pairing for story: Raph/Don, Leo/Mikey
Disclaimer: i don't own the tmnt crew, if i did there would so be some new movies,
Chapter Title: Get Away
Chapter Warnings: Raphs bad mouth, gayness, Fluffyness, turtlecest, sexual stuff, phobias, turtlecest
Beta: NaruButt

Ch.6 :…
CHh.7: here
Ch.8 part 1:…

pew, this was long, anyway BARE with me on the chapter titles, i make them up on the fly lol enjoy another segment C: with some toidle loving to satisfy you picky reader for now<3 cover art by me~:thumb397428111:
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   I'm now questioning the full on legitimacy of his IT tech support job now... what possible plans or new info could he need to send his boss? His job is to answer phone calls and help people with their personal computer issues, it doesn't matter WHERE he does it from, so long as he clocks in and does it... Something is suspicious. Especially the stuttering when he mentioned the use of the computer that alleviated his need to ever go to his bosses office in person, "office" being put into suspicion.   And for what reason would Donnie not be allowed access to his own projects?  Working from home, what other places could he have said projects if not in his own apartment or LH's place?   It also begs the question, Donnie is obviously brilliant and talented, having graduated college at such a young age. He could definitely get a much higher paying job than mere over the phone tech support.  At first I thought it was because he's so shy and introverted, he wanted a job where he didn't actually have to face other people, being able to hide over the phone and behind his computer screen, but it's not like that would be his only option, and it's a waste of his engineering skills.   Why would losing this job land him "back on the streets"?  Why was he ever on the streets to begin with? He is more than qualified to get another, and much more decently paying job than his current one. Doesn't he have a family? The first time I read this story before you started updating I was under the impression that Donnies parents were still alive, and had raised him (you did say that they had wanted him to become a Dr. but he loved engineering more than medicine,) and that Mikey had lived with Donatellos parents even while Don was at college and did so until he was old enough to get a job of his own and move in with his best friend.   
    And why can he not fully reveal his plans yet to Mikey and the Brothers? I would think he would be eager to reassure the brothers that as much is being done to safely locate their father as quickly as possible. If I was in the brother's situation, I would want to know as much as I could about anything that would help me get my loved one back. And why can Mikey especially be left in the dark? Or is it just because he's a blabber mouth who keeps pushing Don to waste his time with things like eating meals and sleeping instead of allowing the brainy turtle to literally work himself to death?  Always busy with various projects? Like what? What does he invent, who does he invent them for? It must be for someone, because an invention that is not used is a waste of time, something the genius abhors. 
        Leatherhead's concern about Donatello being "Stuck" in this kind of a relationship... That vaguely suggests to a history of the soft hearted turtle allowing himself to be manipulated and drawn to abusive people perhaps? Though unless there is a change in future chapters, I am certain that his own parents never harmed him in any manner, based on what I had read the first time around. 

   The more I read, the more I am certain you are INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO TORTURE YOUR POOR READERS! :-P

Btw, before this story ends, I demand there be a more detailed explanation on the recording on the cd that was used for blackmail to start this whole thing, as well as why the heck Donnie is afraid of cardboard cut outs.  Surely you're not THAT inhumane as to withhold those from us, right?....Right?
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i will say that you are on track with donnies IT job. not everything is as it seems. he DEFINITELY could be at a better job. however, hes 'stuck' in one way or another. and thats allllllllll your gonna get out of me ;3

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