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October 7, 2013
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Tmnt OC: Bloo by FrankenPup Tmnt OC: Bloo by FrankenPup
ughh im usually against tmnt oc, i really dont MIND them i just dont really like them. but i doodles this little guy the first time i had an iscribble party and he just developed into this....and i totally blame :iconincognito-77: & :icondragona15: for everything. nether for liking it and doodling him, and draggy for doodling him and half his design asdfasd- SPELLED GECKO WRONG OH WELL meant to right frog butttttttttttttttttt-

his perfect mate~:iconockc:…

Name: Bloo
nicknames: bitch, </stike> bean, good boy, derp
height: 5 foot even
sex: male
relations: K.C.'s bitch:iconockc::heart::iconocbloo:
species: 'dead' mutant turtle
personality: bloo is pretty noisy at times, he doesnt really talk only using churrs, chirps, squeaks, squawks and other noises to communicate, he will say a word every once in awhile, usually he mimics words hes heard or is hearing. He really doesnt have his own way of thinking so he can be manipulated easily, so he can follow a command without much question since hes basically 'brain dead'.bloos slow in the head, if you tell him something he kinda has to think about it for a second with the tilt of his head and then he'll get to it. he just follows KC around like a puppy and doing whatever he says without much of a fight or say. he even goes as far as to bring dead stuff back to him as a show of affection. KC apparently gave bloo his collar to mark him as his pet. he would also do just about anything for KC since its sort of a strange relationship, bloo likes to curl up on KC's lap like a cat and kitty mush him or just lie on him cause he can. and kc sees bloo as a pet and a fuck toy at the same time.  

bloos also dead or in this case undead so his skins pretty cold and has no heart beat. another reason he likes to cuddle up to kc is for his warm skin and heart beat.  he usually only listens to kc, but he will pretty much do whatever he is told to do. he may not have exact emotions like a normal human being but he does have a sense of right ans wrong at times hes also dull and innocent enough to think butt sex is kcs way of saying hello....hurr<3

no one really knows exactly where bloo 'came from' he doesnt remember anything from his past before he died, but has an automatic fear of everything that hurt him in the past such as scientists, guns, ect. some say bloo was just a creature formed by evolution , while bloo is indeed a MUTANT turtle, its completely unknown exactly how he became a mutant. he merely came up from the depths of the ocean, its also unknown if bloo was born a mutant turtle, or became one after birth. his DNA how ever has turtle, poison dart frog, and salamander mushed into it.

background info bloo is from the depths of the ocean, able to breath under water and lives near the bottom of the ocean. due to the darkness bloo developed his appendages as the years went by, a spike shell to keep sharks and the giant squid from eating him, glowing tongue to lure fish close much like an angler that he can turn on and off, can see in the dark his tail also works as a propeller in the water to help him swim. all because he lived all alone at the bottom of the ocean, in complete darkness with no one to play or talk with. bloo never learned to speak, so he usually just chirps and makes other noises like he does today. bloo never knew a life outside his dark, and almost void like lifestyle, that was till one day he was chased near the surface by a hungry shark. with it being much lighter became utterly curious and unfortunately that led him to being caught up in a fisherman's net. leading the small group to stare and gawk at poor bloo like some freak show. of course they sold him off to the highest bidder, and bloo was taunted, teased, harmed(even thought he cant feel it), and everything unimaginable done to him throughout his time of capture.

he was sent caged on a plane on his way to be studied, many humans thought bloo was some kind of alien at the time. but something went horribly wrong during the trip, his cage was stored in the cargo area, and if you know anything about planes the cargo area is usually not heated unless specified. and of course the captain flying the plane forgot to switch on the heat. and the poor turtle, even though he was used to the heavy pressure and the cold depth, he never liked either of them. and with the cold air he froze to death in the cargo hold. his body changed from a pale white barely see through to a vibrant blue.

bloo was a complete mystery and still is, his body adapted within days to his ocean tormentor and even with his dead body it adapted as well. his body being used to the harsh environment under the waves adapted even while bloo was dead. during the process his body adapted and his organs shut down but was able to function with minimal functions even while dead. no heart beat, no organ functions, all that works now is bits of his brain. thats why it takes time for him to process things. thanks to his organs and blood rotting inside, his blood changed to a strange black fluid that keeps him going. and as you can tell, bloos body can adapt to anything with time.

The plane malfunctioned and went down in the south american jungle, it wasnt until weeks later did bloo some how wake from his death. bloo is a complete mystery to the world, and whatever mutated him in the first place still effects him to survive. 
he now walks the earth as the living dead, unfortunately, he remembers nothing of his life before. managing to escape his cage and emerge to a much warmer, and lush jungle. bloo lived in the crash for some time until he finally got the courage to leave the rotting bodies of the humans on board. taking refuge once again all by himself. he thrives there by living off of rodents, fruit and anything else he can find. that is, until he met kc while accidentally burrowing under old graves that a near by village still used to bury their dead.

appearance: hes meant to be an eye sore sorry,bloo cannot feel pain, he randomly bleeds black ooze from his eyes, his blood is also black, his spit is pure white (and doesnt look suspicious at all) blushes a light blue or soft pink i dont really care which, has a frog like tongue he can use to snatch things. and can climb on the ceiling like a frog. basically this dude acts more like a frog/cat than a turtle and likes to sometimes scurry around on all fours. but is more than capable than to walk up right. hes also Ambilevous, which means hes very awkward with his hands. and has many problems preforming tasks like holding things and dont even think about him writing because he scurrys around on his hands and feet. bloo usually carrys any items in his mouth or curled around his tail.

LIKES shiny things, KC, dead things, food, water, nibbling things/people, tongue baths, heart beats, giving 'gifts' to kc, being pet and stroked, mimicking people, heart beats, 
HATES: not pleasing KC, hurting people, planes/flying, cold weather, sharks, (afraid of) humans, fire

EDIT: i was starting not to like the white lines XD so now my babys eyes are just black, parasitica like eyes whoooo 

the charm on his collar belongs to :icondragona15: i just stole it cause, why not hehehe
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He remains me of EJ (eyeless jack)
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eating up souls and staring at your face as you sleep C:
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♐️I know! Sick!😖
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yeah i think they look cool just black
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I like them better with just black too.
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I really want to draw KC Bloo and Jaxx all together..... I should make a story that has them meeting.....
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